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Chapter 131

Abigail chuckled, deliberately holding him in suspense.

“Abigail’s favorite celebrities are coming to North Hampton,” Zoey piped up. “This girl has been yapping about it all night.”

Abigail glared at her. “Why did you say it?”

Levi frowned. “That’s all?”

Abigail nodded with pride. “Yeah, my idols are coming. How is that not great news?”


Levi walked away.

Abigail went after him. “Are you upset?”


“What do you mean, lame? One of them is pretty, and the other is handsome! Here, let me show you their pictures! This is Yelda Zamora. She’s not only pretty, but her singing is superb! She’s the hottest female star out there!”

Abigail showed Levi some pictures through her phone.

Levi flicked a glance. “So-so. She’s worse than your sister though.”

“And this is Zak Copland! Look, isn’t he handsome?”

Levi pushed her out and closed the door behind him.

That’s more like it.

Levi had never been interested in celebrities!

It was always the soldiers who sacrificed and struggled for the glory of the country, but it was these celebrities who received the honor and enjoyed special privileges instead!

No one knew his brothers had died for the country and that their bodies had been left in the wilderness, but these celebrities made it to the news with just a headache and elicited pity from the public with just a paper cut on their finger from filming.

While the martyr’s grave was left collecting dust, an entertainer’s anecdotes were known to all.

It was based on this standpoint that Levi couldn’t get himself to like any celebrities.

Outside the room, Abigail went to harass Zoey again.

“Zoey, do you know they were invited to Rogers Group’s fortieth-anniversary celebration? Uncle said that I can finally meet them on that day!” she squealed.

“Oh.” Zoey gave a noncommittal reply.

“I’ll get some more of those invitation cards. Why don’t you come with Levi?”

Abigail was excited.

“Okay,” Zoey said. “We’ll be there.”

The next day, with time to spare, Zoey went shopping with Abigail and Levi.

After walking around a few malls in a row, Abigail and Zoey bought nothing.

But on the contrary, the ordeal of having to go shopping had tormented Levi, the God of War.

Shopping with women is so much more tiring than killing enemies on the battlefield.

At noon, Levi eventually decided firmly not to continue shopping anymore, so he said, “Let’s eat first! Or else I’m not moving!”

Unable to argue with Levi, Abigail and Zoey could only agree to eat first.

“That’s North Hampton Center up ahead. Let’s go over there.”

Levi was really exhausted.

Arriving at the North Hampton Center, they were surprised to see the crowd that was two times more than usual.

Many people were dressed uniformly, rushing in a direction, and holding what seemed like a light stick in their hands.

Seeing the crowd, Abigail was ravishing with joy.

“God, my idols are here!”

“I can’t believe they’re having an event at North Hampton Center today!”

Abigail dragged Levi and Zoey to the front.

As there was an elevator just ahead, Levi held his peace.

It was only after coming to the center of the mall did Levi realize how scary it was.

There was a stage at the front, which he supposed the celebrities would show up there, and many people behind the stage, where celebrities including Yelda Zamora and Zak Copland were on standby.

They were here to take part in some business activities to earn some quick money before attending the Rogers family’s fortieth-anniversary celebration.

However, the worst part was that there were thousands of people gathering around the stage.

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