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Chapter 130

However, Glenn changed the subject soon after. “But look at my grandson. How can I stomach this?”

“As you said, the celebration is around the corner. Let’s get back at Levi once it’s over,” someone suggested.

“Okay, we’ll give him a few days to fool around, then I want him dead, no matter his background or power!” said Glenn distantly.

Then, having thought of something, he instructed, “Inform those students of mine to attend the celebration!”

Everyone felt a rush of excitement when they heard that.

Some of Glenn’s students served in the war zones, and others were in politics.

In terms of age, they were about thirty to forty years old and each of them was in the prime of their life. All held influential positions, like Steven Shaw.

It would have been a magnificent sight to see such people come together for the celebration.

In the next few days, what Zoey had been worried about didn’t happen and it made her jittery.

Thereafter, she found out through connections that the casino belonged to Oswald, which explained why the Rogers family had left it at that.

“No wonder Levi was so confident. He knew the Rogers family wouldn’t dare to make it public,” Zoey mused, smiling.

In fact, Levi didn’t know about it at all and was still waiting for the Rogers family to take their revenge.

He was shocked when he learned about it from Azure Dragon.

“It is said that the Rogers family will be having their fortieth-anniversary celebration a week later. I supposed they’re afraid of the negativity it will bring about if they make a move on you now,” Azure Dragon said.

Levi tugged his lips into a smirk. “Fortieth-anniversary celebration? Nice, I’ll be there by then to present them with the biggest gift they will ever have!”

The Rogers family must be exterminated!

It wasn’t only Oswald who directed the entire conspiracy back then, but the Rogers family was also part of it.

“By the way, Sir, I’ve found out what you asked me to investigate. The Rogers family only possesses part of Levi Group’s core technologies. Other core technologies have disappeared, but there are corresponding products on the market,” Azure Dragon said.

Inspired by what happened to Oswald, Levi felt that there were probably other forces who targeted him back then as well other than the Garrison family and the Rogers family.

Levi Group, which was founded by Levi, was mainly involved in the fields of medicine and science and technology.

At that time, he had turned the volume up to eleven and broke into the market, and was reckoned to have taken advantage of many people.

The core technology developed by his team was especially terrifying, as it had elevated Levi’s net worth by billions within a year.

Many people had coveted Levi Group’s core technology, and even more people wanted him dead.

Hence, Levi had asked Azure Dragon to find out who was possessing the core technology.

Just as he thought, the Rogers family only controlled part of it, and there were others who also took part in plotting his downfall.

“Keep searching according to those online products!” Levi ordered.

Even if the whole North Hampton was turned upside down, revenge was his ultimate goal!

For the past few days, Aaron and Caitlyn had been very nice to Levi.

Perhaps they felt guilty, but for Zoey’s sake, Levi shrugged it off.

When Levi came home at night, Abigail surprisingly showed up at their door.

“Levi, I’ve got great news!” Abigail beamed.

Levi put on a confused expression. “Great news? What? Are you getting married?”

“Pfft! I don’t even have a boyfriend. Who am I supposed to marry? You?” Abigail said, eyeing Zoey with hidden intentions in her words.

“Then what’s the great news? Say it,” Levi said.

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