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Chapter 13

Everyone in the Lopez family was baffled.

Zoey would have agreed, but with Levi around her, they weren’t so sure about that.

“What do we do now? Who knows if Zoey disappeared with Levi again. If we don’t find them by afternoon, Mr. Jennings will consider us to have voluntarily given up on the project,” Samuel said anxiously.

“Hmph, she’s threatening me! Even going as far as to give me terms!” Harry retorted, then made a call. “What’s the meaning of this, Levi? You don’t want this project anymore?”

“That’s right, it has nothing to do with me, anyway! Weren’t you guys trying to lay Zoey off? We might as well leave this project alone,” Levi retaliated.

“Levi, Grandpa has no other meaning,” Harry toned down. “Come and sign the contract with Zoey. In the future, Zoey will be in charge of this development project. That’s what Mr. Jennings wants too.”

“Well, I’m not so sure about that. I’m afraid that Zoey would be laid off at any time.”

“Name your conditions, Levi. How can I get Zoey to sign the contract?”

Harry was infuriated, but he couldn’t help it.

“Conditions? Number one, Imperial Meadows Limited will fully develop this project, and no other companies of Lopez Group shall be directly involved. Number two, Imperial Meadows Limited shall be separated from Lopez Group and become an independent company. But Zoey has agreed to hand over some parts of the development project to you. I mean, we should all make money together, right? As long as you agree to the conditions mentioned, I’ll bring Zoey over to sign the contract right away!”

Harry blew a gasket after Levi finished speaking.

Levi is getting Zoey to cut all ties with the Lopez family.

In other words, the Lopez family will have nothing to do with this project, and it depends on Zoey if we want to get a piece of the pie.

But at this critical juncture, we should sign the contract first.

I must have this project.

Harry drew in a deep breath. “Okay, I agree!”

“Verbal promises are not enough. We should go through the formalities immediately,” Levi said.


How I wish I can skin him alive! He’s not giving me a chance to think.

“Fine. I’ll send someone to get it done!”

In just three hours, Harry had completed all the formalities.

Imperial Meadows Limited was completely separated from Lopez Group and became Zoey’s company.

“Okay, we’ll go and sign the contract now!”

Levi brought Zoey to the bidding site and successfully signed the contract with Orlando.

So I’m in charge of a major project of one billion?

From bankruptcy to taking on such a huge project…

Zoey didn’t dare to think too much about it.

With the contract signed, Harry and the others were overwhelmed with mixed feelings.

“Isn’t Levi being too ruthless? He’s burning all our bridges,” Henry said.

“The nerve of him! Can Zoey even handle this project alone? Can she even sign this contract if it wasn’t for the Lopez family?”

“Yeah, she’s monopolizing everything. I refuse to accept this!”

Shaun, Melanie and the others were upset.

“Don’t worry, you guys,” Fabian chuckled. “We can still get this project! Even if Imperial Meadows Limited has become independent, Dad still owns thirty percent of their shares. Besides, developing a one billion project is not something anyone can pull off. Every bit of human and financial resources is indispensable. It’s impossible for a small company like Imperial Meadows to handle this alone.”

“Yeah, Imperial Meadows Limited is almost bankrupt now, and they still owe Grandpa money,” Shaun said. “Where will they get the funds to work on this project?”

“Well, there’s no need to consider Levi; he’s just a piece of trash, and Zoey has no connections of sorts in North Hampton. They’ll have to beg us to invest in them when the time comes.”


Henry smirked. “Dad, I think we should impose a little pressure on them and get back the 2.8 million first!”

Harry laughed heartily. “You’re the worst, Henry. But that should do it! Shaun, go over in a moment and ask for our money!”

Aaron and Caitlyn had been informed.

They were so excited that they specially prepared a meal and waited for Levi and Zoey to come back.

However, Zoey looked glum despite signing a big contract.

“Mom, Dad, we’ve completely offended Grandpa this time! I bet they’re going to hate us for life.”

“Just ignore them! Our status has been the lowest in the family all this while and your Grandpa doesn’t even care about us! This time, we must make a name for ourselves and prove it to him!” Aaron said.

“Yes, I must work hard!”

“Levi,” Aaron said. “Although you contributed nothing to this incident, our family seems to be doing well after you come back. Come, let’s have a drink!”

Just as Aaron brought out a bottle of fine wine, Shaun arrived.

“Grandpa sent me here, Uncle Aaron! This is an IOU. Please return the 2.8 million that you owe us.”

Shaun’s statement hit Aaron and his family like a thunderbolt.

“Grandpa said that he’s going to make an appointment with a foreign specialist to seek medical advice, and he has no money now, so he can only ask you guys to pay him back,” Shaun added. “It’s a little urgent, so you must settle your debt in three days. Otherwise, Grandpa’s health will only deteriorate!”

Shaun left after he gave them the distressing news.

“What’s wrong?” Levi asked.

Zoey bit the bottom of her lips and said, “We’re doomed. There’s no money, not at the company nor at home! The company has just started operating again, and we don’t even have half a million in our account. As for the family, we almost couldn’t afford to pay my brother’s tuition fee.”

Zoey had a younger brother who was studying abroad and was still relying on the family for financial support.

“I knew it,” Aaron sighed. “Dad wouldn’t have let us off that easily. I knew he would drive us into a corner until we pay him back.”

Zoey’s face was drained of all color and animation. “It’s not just about paying them back, we also need funds for the development project. We don’t even have the initial funds to start the project. Investment is needed, but it’s difficult. The project may be shelved when the time comes and the other party might even terminate the contract!”

“You don’t say! We’ve been warned by the bank and we can’t even borrow a single cent now.”

Aaron was on the verge of tears.

After all that talking, it all boiled down to this—money!

They could have solved everything if they had the money, but a man without a penny was no man at all.

Besides, it wasn’t just a matter of a penny now, but 2.8 million!

“I’ve seen this coming,” Aaron continued. “Your Grandpa is tricking us into giving them this project by forcing us to borrow money from them and have them invest in us.”

“If there’s no other way, let’s just give it up and give it to Grandpa,” Zoey said helplessly. “Now that Imperial Meadows Limited is in our hands, let’s take it one step at a time!”

“Why should you give it up?” Levi spoke. “2.8 million is not a problem! Just leave it to me!”

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