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Chapter 129

In Zoey’s opinion, offending the Rogers family was much more of a crisis than this.

Reckoning that they would probably exterminate the entire Lopez family for this, she told Levi everything as soon as they returned to Bayview Garden.

“Yeah, I know.” Levi nodded.

“What should we do next? The Rogers family will soon find out about this!”

Zoey was stressed out to the extreme.

“Don’t worry. You still got me.” Levi smiled.

Zoey wouldn’t have believed it if Levi had said that in the past.

However, the scene of Levi breaking in through the window today was etched in her mind.

It made her feel safe and secure, and she was no longer afraid to take on the world with Levi.

Besides, if the Rogers family were to question them, she felt she could plead with Pamela.

At night, while flipping through different news channels on her phone in bed, Zoey came across a piece of intriguing news that happened on the streets of North Hampton.

There was a military helicopter parked directly on the square with someone boarding it without giving so much of a backward glance.

For some reason, Zoey actually associated the helicopter with Levi.

After all, the figure of the person in the image looked rather similar to him, although it was fuzzy.

Could it be Levi who came to Sheraton Hotel by helicopter and broke in through the window on the thirtieth floor?

There is a possibility!

Otherwise, what other explanation could there be?

I’ll have to look for witnesses when there’s time to see if it was Levi who boarded that helicopter.

Golden Villa, the top luxury villa in North Hampton, covered an area of over fifty hectares.

It was where the aristocratic Rogers family resided.

That night, the atmosphere at home was somber and dead.

After all, Oswald, the heir of the family, was almost beaten to death and was still unconscious.

The entire Rogers family was infuriated.

At the pitiful sight of his grandson, Glenn exuded an aura of overwhelming force.

Glenn had once fought on the battlefield. Although he had retired from the military, his bold and domineering aura was still palpable.

At the end of his military career, Glenn had served as an instructor.

He had taught many students and some of them could now be found in every major war zone, such as Steven Shaw, the Colonel of North Hampton First Metallic Regiment.

Over the years, Steven had been a great help to the Rogers family.

Besides the Rogers family’s own strength, it was the network of connections that Glenn had accumulated in the past, covering the military, political, and business circles, that had enabled the Rogers family to achieve their current level of success.

Therefore, no matter what time of the day it was, his students were always at his beck and calls.

“Who did this?” Glenn demanded.

A gentle-looking middle-aged man stepped forward. He was Anthony, Oswald’s father.

“Dad, it was Levi Garrison. This is a sticky business. Oswald was beaten up by him for making indecent moves toward Zoey at the hotel. But the point is, the underground casino has been taken down, and they had ratted out on Oswald.”

Anthony’s expression was very unsightly.

“Is the underground casino really owned by Oswald?” asked Glenn with a gloomy face.

Anthony nodded. “Yes, it is. Fred Turner from the Criminal Investigation Team just called to confirm. Even the captain, Xavier Fields, knows about this. It’s a devil of a tricky problem if we get back at Levi for this!”

“What did Fred say?” Glenn asked.

“They knew about the assault on Oswald, but they advised us to smooth things over and treat it as if it never happened,” Anthony said.

“Now is not a good time to meet with a mishap when the Rogers Group’s fortieth-anniversary celebration is just around the corner. The impact is just too big,” Glenn sighed.

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