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Chapter 128

“Wait!” Zoey shouted in panic when she heard that. “I’ll listen to you only if you don’t make things hard for him! Just don’t touch him!”

“Then come on!”

Oswald opened his arms wide, waiting for Zoey to fall into his arms.



Then, suddenly, the French windows behind Oswald made a sound like ice breaking and it shattered.

A man rushed in from outside—it was Levi!


With a hard kick, he sent Oswald flying out of the way.


Oswald slammed into the wall, bleeding all over the place.

He was about to struggle to his feet when Levi grabbed his hair.


Levi gave him a sharp punch to the face, causing Oswald’s spectacles to crumble.


Then came the second punch.


At the third punch, Oswald passed out.

“Stop… Stop it!” shouted Zoey, coming back to her senses. “He’s going to die!”

Right now, Levi had surely lost all sense of rationality.

He had never been so infuriated before.

Zoey was his bottom line.

And whoever crossed that line was a dead man!

Zoey looked at Levi in fear. She could feel his overwhelming hostility.

This is a thirty-story building!

How did he come in from the outside?

He’s the devil of a man!

“Let’s go!”

Zoey pulled Levi away, afraid that he would really beat Oswald to death if they stayed there any longer.

After Levi had left with Zoey, several bodyguards entered the room.

The sight of Oswald lying in a pool of blood scared them.

“Who did this?”

“No matter who did this, even God can’t save him now!”

“Who the f*ck in North Hampton has the audacity to lay hands on Mr. Rogers?”

Zoey knew they were in deep trouble.

She was keenly aware of Oswald’s identity as the sole heir of the aristocratic Rogers family, not to mention his tens of billions of wealth, his network of connections ramified all over the military, political, and business circles.

He was the true juggernaut of North Hampton!

Compared to the Rogers family, they were as small and insignificant as ants.

She was glad that she had responded quickly. Otherwise, Oswald would have been dead by now and the consequences would have been disastrous.

“Don’t mention any of this when we return,” Zoey instructed.

When they returned home, everyone looked at Levi incredulously.

“What happened? Did they make things hard for you? What about those title deeds and other stuff?”

Levi took out the IOU and tore it off in front of the mass.

“It’s settled. You guys don’t have to bother about it anymore,” Levi said coldly.

“Huh? How did you do it?”

Aaron and the others were utterly perplexed.

It was only then that Zoey noticed Levi had come through all those perils unscathed. Not only did he not lose a finger, he even got the IOU.

“I called the cops once I got a lead. The underground casino should be toast by now,” Levi said.

It wasn’t long before the police called.

Not only was the underground casino taken down, but Aaron’s matter was also revealed to be a fraud.

All the suspects had been apprehended and the seventy thousand that Aaron lost had been returned to him.

Aaron hugged Levi with much excitement. “Oh Levi, you’re the best son-in-law we could ever have! You’re a keeper! I can’t believe you’ve settled this!”

Even Harry had to admit that Levi was useful this time.

Caitlyn, too, shed tears of joy.

After all, the Lopez family was almost ruined.

However, Zoey couldn’t afford to be happy.

The Rogers family definitely will not let this slide!

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