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Chapter 127

Meanwhile, as soon as Zoey arrived at the hotel, Harry received a message: You can use the check now.

Aaron headed to the underground casino with Harry.

As soon as they arrived, they were brought up short by the sight of Levi coming down from the second floor, holding a stack of documents of title deeds and so on in his hands.

Most importantly, Levi’s fingers were all completely intact!

He was clean from head to toe, with not a single stain of blood to be seen.

They looked at Levi’s fingers.

Perfectly intact!

All ten fingers are still there!

How is it even possible?!

His fingers were clearly chopped off from the video!

As their mouths were still wide agape with incredulity, Levi had already come up to them.

“Where did you get this check?”

Levi took over the check and had a premonition of something bad as he studied it.

“H-How are you okay? Didn’t you have your finger chopped off?” Aaron was baffled.

Levi ignored them and suddenly raised his voice, “How in the world did you get this check?”

“Uh…” Aaron hesitated.

“Spit it out!” Levi snarled, exuding a breath of hostility that made the two of them hold their breaths as if they were being strangled at their necks. His gaze was especially terrifying.

Intimidated, Aaron gave him a factual account of the chronology of the incident.

“At Sheraton Hotel on Maxwell Street!” Aaron finished.

“How long has it been?!” Levi asked.

“It’s probably too late!” Aaron lowered his head.

Harry nodded. “Yeah, it’s too late, even if you get there in a sports car!”

Levi threw the pile of documents to the ground, pushed them aside, and dialed Azure Dragon’s number as he walked out.

“I need a chopper! Immediately! Now!”

Levi’s voice was cold to the extreme.

Less than five minutes after he left the casino, a military helicopter came to a halt on the square.

Ignoring the astonishment of those passing by, Levi boarded the helicopter.

A sports car might not make it there on time, but a helicopter could.

“I want the Sheraton Hotel’s blueprint layout!”

A gleam of murderous intent flashed in Levi’s eyes.

In Sheraton Hotel’s presidential suite, Zoey was still confronting Oswald.

“There’s no use stalling for time, Zoey! The more you hesitate, the more Levi will suffer!” Oswald chortled.

Of course, Zoey understood that point, but she couldn’t get past the hurdle in her heart. She even wanted to jump off the building and get it over with.

Oswald stood with his back facing the window, appraising Zoey.

“Relax, I won’t force you! I’ll wait for you to get into my bed whenever you wish!”

The grin on Oswald’s face widened like a devil from hell.

“Do you want me to broadcast it to you now to see how many of Levi’s fingers have been chopped off?”

Oswald was well versed in psychological warfare. He was destroying Zoey’s psychological defense to a great extent.

“You’re a monster!” Zoey shrieked, glaring at Oswald.

“You’re not the first person to call me that! Every woman that I’ve slept with and every man that I’ve killed called me a monster!” Oswald gave a broken smile as he inched closer.

Zoey stared at him in horror, moving back slowly.

“What? Is Levi that cripple really so good? How am I inferior to him?” Oswald asked.

“No! You can never match him!” Zoey shouted.

Oswald took out his phone and sniggered. “Howard, tell Enzo to chop off Levi’s hands and feet for me and send me the video!”

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