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Chapter 105

Harry and the others questioned, “What’s going on?”

Melanie checked Levi Group’s status on the Internet with her mobile phone and explained. “Sky Incorporated is the majority shareholder of Levi Group. This company completely belongs to Sky Incorporated after the Garrison family gave up their shares.”

“Sky Incorporated is the holding company owned by the prestigious Rogers family, right?” Henry asked.

Harry frowned. He asked the receptionist with all seriousness, “That means Levi Group has always belonged to the Rogers family, and Levi Garrison is not at all related to this company?”

She nodded. “That’s right. The Rogers family took control of Levi Group 6 years ago. I don’t know how all of you found the courage to come here demanding to take over the company when Levi Garrison is just a nobody here.”

At that moment, a group of people ushered the CEO of Levi Group, Howard Corbyn, into the company.

Oswald Rogers was the chairman of Levi Group, while his trusted aide, Howard, was the Chief Executive Officer.

Howard Corbyn had a busy night as well. I received the news of the confrontation between the Garrison family and Levi Garrison last night. Surprisingly, they stumbled into the God of War amidst their argument while the soldiers were having a military practice nearby. The Garrison family invoked the God of War’s wrath and suffered greatly. They had to give up all their family’s assets, so I spent the entire night purchasing the shares under their possession. Oswald even told me the Garrison family is a bunch of fools to have infuriated the God of War. He was also amazed by Levi’s unbelievable fortune to have escaped the predicament by receiving the God of War’s help.

But Oswald and Howard did not know that the God of War was actually Levi.

Howard saw Levi and the others gathering in the lobby as soon as he entered the company building.

He walked up to the crowd with a frown. “What’s the matter?”

The receptionist answered, “Mr. Corbyn, these people said that they are here to take control of the company. I suppose they are here to stir up trouble.”

Howard eyed Levi and Zoey as he listened to the receptionist. He sneered. “Oh? So it is Levi Garrison in the flesh!”

Howard recognized Levi because he participated in the scheme 6 years ago.

“Are you part of the Rogers family?” Levi asked mockingly.

“That’s right. You sure move quick, coming here to take over the company right after the Garrison family’s downfall. But let me tell you now. Levi Group is no longer related to you, Levi Garrison. We are now the majority shareholder of Levi Group, so this company is ours legally!” Howard raised his voice.

“Look at this group of clowns! Do you think you can become rich instantaneously by taking over Levi Group? Idiots! Hahaha…” The people surrounding them were laughing hysterically at Levi and the Lopez family.

Harry, Aaron, and the others lowered their heads. This is so shameful! It’s like we are a bunch of country bumpkins. How can the Lopez family continue to stay in North Hampton if this incident spreads around?

“It’s time for all of you to leave! Levi Group does not welcome you! Take them away, guards!” Multiple security guards closed in on Levi and the others after receiving the order from Howard.

Levi and the rest of the Lopez family were chased out of the building by the security guards in the end. “Know your place, you poor people!” The guard rebuked them.

Disgrace! This is the worst humiliation the Lopez family has ever suffered. There will be no way for us to recover from this insult. Everyone in North Hampton will laugh at us from now on. Harry Lopez thought to himself.

Levi grimaced in silence. I did not deal with the situation right away because I want to toy with the Rogers family further. All of you will suffer in despair soon. Just you wait, Oswald Rogers!

The sheer humiliation was unbearable to the Lopez family after being thrown out from Levi Group. All of them stared at Levi hatefully.

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