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Chapter 101

Levi looked at everyone and said, “Bryan, Victoria, Lionel, Tammy, Russell, Patrick, Holly, Kit, Misty, and Rick. Look at me, all of you!”

Everyone’s hearts were in their throats when their names were called. They knew what was going on. It’s like Hades and his Furies sentencing punishments to us.

All of them had no other choice but to obey Levi’s order.

“Did you murder Morris Atkinson?” Levi asked them.


Someone was about to deny it. Then his eyes met with Levi’s unforgiving gaze.

Everyone nodded immediately. Admitting our crime is a wiser choice now.

“All of you are going to repent by kneeling in front of Morris’s grave for 3 days and 3 nights!” Levi commanded harshly.

Garfield Perkins waved his hand. Soldiers brought Rick and the others forcefully to Morris’s grave.

Levi looked at Morris’s tomb and said with a smile, “Morris! I’ve brought all the accomplices who conspired your death to repent in front of you! I will send every one of them to accompany you soon!”

Mr. and Mrs. Atkinson were tear-stricken. Levi’s effort to avenge Morris touched them.

Levi looked at the other members of the Garrison family.

“Bryan and Victoria, do you still remember how you broke my legs that night?” Levi grinned at them menacingly.

The couple was scared out of their wits.

Tap tap tap…

The scariest part was Levi’s continuous advancement in their direction.

Bryan and Victoria wanted to back away from him, but they had nowhere to escape because of the guns pointed at the back of their heads.

Finally, Levi came to a halt in front of them.

He took the baseball bat from Bryan’s hand and sized up the stick. “Is this the bat you used to break my legs 6 years ago? I suppose you kept it all this while so you can cripple me again?”

Thump thump thump…

Both of them slammed their foreheads against the ground to beg for Levi’s forgiveness as an ominous feeling crept into their hearts. “Please forgive us, Levi! We will not repeat our mistake. Just think of us as your servants from now on.”

Levi sneered while tapping the baseball bat. “But you did not show me any mercy 6 years ago.”

“That was because we were…”



Levi smashed Bryan’s knee with the bat as soon as he tried to explain himself. Bryan howled in pain as his bones shattered.

“This is the treatment I received from you in the past!”



Levi did not spare any of Bryan’s limbs. The latter rolled on the floor, screaming hysterically in agony.

Then Levi looked at Victoria.

“Don’t touch me! I’m just a woman!” Victoria shielded herself with her hands.

“But you are an evil woman!”


Levi broke Victoria’s arms and legs as well. Then he tossed the disabled couple at the side of Morris’s grave to repent for their sins.

They are related to that matter, after all! Levi thought to himself as he shifted his gaze onto Joseph Garrison and his foster parents.

Joseph and the others lowered their heads fearfully.

“I never thought we would end up in this situation!” Levi said in a self-deprecating manner. “I can declare that I am innocent! I’ve worked hard for this family since I was young to repay all of you. Who was the person to bring fame and wealth to the Garrison family in the past? That person was me! Did I not prove my sincerity by treating all of you with kindness?” Levi questioned.

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