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Chapter 100

Take revenge and avenge myself!

Levi’s facial expression changed suddenly and he roared, “When you raised me as a child, I was proud of the family name Garrison! I secretly swore that I would live my entire life repaying your kindness!

I wanted to fight for the family! I wished for the Garrison family to be proud of me and my achievements! Then, when I made plans to develop the Garrison family into the strongest family in North Hampton, do you know what you did to me?”

“My parents, brother and sister-in-law betrayed me behind my back! My beloved family members broke my limbs and threw me into the trash! You even framed me and sentenced me to prison! Ah? Where is your conscience?”


Joseph could not endure such tremendous pressure, so he was the first to kneel down to the ground.


Ben and the others kneeled down on the ground too.

They could no longer withstand it.

All of them were drenched in perspiration beneath their clothes and were struggling to breathe.

Levi then looked at Holly. “It’s unfortunate that my friend, Morris, has always seen you as his goddess. He treated you like the most precious jewel on earth! Yet you betrayed him, and even plotted to kill him! Whenever you look down from the skyscrapers, have you ever thought of my friend, Morris? Ah?”

“I’ve even reminded all of you that if you are not going to repent in front of Morris’ grave, you will end up badly like what happened to Philip. Did my words fall on deaf ears?”


Plop! Holly also fell to the ground.

Kit and Misty had already burst into tears!

Joseph was the first to express his remorse. He exclaimed, “We are in the wrong! We are in the wrong! We confess to all the crimes we have committed.”

“We too know that we are in the wrong! We hereby repent!”

The others kneeled down and kowtowed to Levi, one after another!

Holly and the others also kowtowed in front of Morris’ grave.

Their foreheads were bleeding from the impact.

Ben continued to say, “Levi, we have admitted that we are in the wrong. Seeing that we have nurtured you in the past, can you please forgive us? Can you spare our lives?”

Winnie added, “Levi, to be honest, we have been treating you like our own. As long as you are willing, we are still your parents. The Garrison family will still be your home!”

Bryan took the chance to continue, “That’s right, Levi! My wife and I welcome you back to the Garrison family too! You can be the patriarch of the family. Right, Grandpa?”

Joseph said immediately, “Yes, yes. That’s right! Levi, as long as return to the Garrison family, you will be the patriarch!”

Jacob even said, “Levi, Ashton deserved what you did to him! You should have beaten him to death!”

At the sight of the Garrison family members’ desperate looks, Levi sneered and said, “If not for my current identity, do you think you would be kneeling down here in repentance? Would you allow me to return to the Garrison family? Or let me become the patriarch? You wouldn’t!”

He could not stop laughing. “All of you are only concerned about the benefits. Relationships and emotions mean nothing to you at all! Ever since I stepped into prison six years ago, I have severed all ties with the Garrison family! Today, I have a very simple goal. I want to seek revenge!”

Levi shot a cold and heartless look at every member of the Garrison family.

“Seek revenge!”

The 100,000 soldiers chanted in unison. It was an earth-shattering moment.

Joseph vomited out blood at this instant.

Looking at Levi’s determination, he knew that the Garrison family was doomed!

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