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Chapter 926

“My second uncle?” Young Master Quinton was taken aback at Lana’s question, stunned for a good while before a grin appeared on his face. “Well, well! This lady made a thorough background check on me. You even know about my second uncle!” Young Master Quinton paused before continuing to speak, “We won’t be needing my second uncle here to get you guys, though. The Quinton family’s bodyguards are enough!”

One of the Quinton family’s bodyguards stepped forward as he chuckled. “Young lady, since you know about Young Master Quinton’s second uncle, you should know who he is. He’s a three-star King of War. It’s best if you give up all resistance so we won’t have to resort to more extreme methods. Everything will be fine as long as you apologize to our young master wholeheartedly and leave with him!”

Unexpectedly, Young Master Quinton piped in right after one of the guards spoke, “That won’t work. There’s another pretty woman inside the restaurant, and both of them are the cream of the crop. If we leave, both of them would have to come with me!”

“You’re nowhere handsome, yet you’ve got high hopes and demands!” Lana did not bite back a condescending grin after hearing Young Master Quinton’s bold claim.

“Ahaha! Seems like you’re not wanting to leave with our young master, young lady. Allow this assistant commander to test out how good you are!”

The bodyguard rushed toward Lana without any hesitation.

The bodyguard’s speed was comparable to a major’s. His combat prowess was considered excellent in Swallow City that was filled with many powerful fighters.

That in itself fueled his confidence.

As he sprinted toward Lana, the assistant commander bent his fingers as though they were claws, aiming at Lana’s face in an attempt to take off her mask.

The bodyguard grinned coldly; Lana would not have such impeccable reflex to dodge his speed and sudden attack.

He would have taken down Lana’s mask by the time she could react, but they would have all seen what she looked like under the mask by then.

“Oh, so you’re acting alone?” Lana gave a cocky smirk as she acted swiftly. She caught the man’s hand with her palm just as his hand nearly grazed her face mask.

“Ah!” Lana’s palm caught the man’s hand like iron tongs. She exerted force into her grip that made the bodyguard kneel in pain.

“How’s this possible?!” The bodyguard was startled by Lana’s power that rendered him—a powerful individual—somewhat helpless.

With the man still in shock, Lana swung her leg and kicked him at his chest, the force sending him zipping through the air.

With an audible thud, the bodyguard fell several meters away and landed on the floor in an awkward position as dust flew.

“How’s that possible? How can the assistant commander lose just like that?” Some of the Quinton family’s bodyguards were baffled at the sight, unable to hold back their shock.

“This woman is really good!” The assistant commander withstood his pain and got back up on his feet. He hesitated to rush forward again and instead, walked over and glanced at an elder who stood at one side.

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