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Chapter 922

The threat in Young Master Quinton’s words was evident as he glanced outside; there were seven to eight bodyguards smoking beside his car.

“Young Master Quinton, how much is your face worth?” Jack could hold back his laugh when he heard the man’s words. “My wife treated you kindly and refused you so euphemistically. We don’t want to cause trouble, so it’s best if you quickly leave as that’s best for us all. Apart from that, she’s not some gold-digger; she’s happily married to me. Do you understand?”

Jack was unafraid to face Young Master Quinton and maintained his gallant disposition.

While Jack wanted to keep a low profile in Swallow City as he had just moved in, he had a limit that should not be crossed, and that was on his wife Selena. It felt like a slap to the face when the man asked Selena out.

Moreover, how could the Supreme Warrior’s wife be bullied like that? How could anybody treat her like that?

After all, there were many powerful people in Swallow City. Who knew who this Young Master Quinton in front of them was?

“So what if she has a husband? There are many who are married!” Young Master Quinton jeered at how Jack stood his ground. “Many married women get with me in the end. Everything is fine as long as I, Caleb Quinton, am rich!”

Caleb then turned to Selena and commented, “Pretty lady, stop following this guy. You’re really pretty—why don’t you follow me instead? I’ll give you five million every month, and if that’s not enough, ten million per month is doable too! That’s a pretty penny, mind you!” He then turned to look at Lana and cooed, “Oh, yes. If this pretty lady wants to follow me too, I can pay you the same amount!”

“In your dreams!” Lana was displeased with from the start, but she never thought Caleb would get bolder by the minute.

Lana stood up and walked away from the table, waggling her finger as a taunt to come at her. “Are you trying to take advantage of me? We’ll talk about this after you’ve won against me!”

Caleb’s eyes lit up at Lana’s words. “Not bad! This pretty lady has good characteristics, I like you more by the minute!”

With that, Caleb balled his fists and rushed toward Lana.

Lana had to give it to Caleb—he seemed to be a capable fighter. His speed was so great, he got close enough to her in just seconds.

It seemed to make sense that Swallow City was dubbed the City of Martial Arts. These young masters from wealthy families seemed to have seasoned combat abilities.

However, this man was not her opponent. While he had the talent in martial arts equivalent to that of an assistant commander, how could he beat the Goddess of War, Lana?

Lana swung her fist and slammed it against Caleb’s, though there was not much force in her first. Despite that, Caleb was sent backward before he could regain his footing. He stood in place while his arm shivered in pain.

“Who would’ve thought that you’re a master!” Young Master Quinton waved his slightly numb arm and had a playful smile on his face. His interest in her only grew.

“You’d leave instead of disturbing our meal if you’re sensible enough!” Lana glanced at him coldly with a slight impatience in her eyes.

At that moment, Caleb’s three companions walked toward him and grinningly said, “Young Master Quinton, it looks like you can’t settle this yourself. Do you need our help?”

“Sure. This woman is quite strong, but there won’t be problems if we team up.” Young Master Quinton felt as though this woman—who had a face mask on—was the stronger bunch among the three. After all, Jack and Selena did nothing.

Despite what happened, the woman had only a small upper hand against him, but he would surely win with his companions joining him.

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