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Chapter 904

“Grandfather is right. Life will be meaningless with that much money anyway. We’ll lead very comfortable lives just by spending a few hundred thousand dollars per year!”

A member of the Taylor family offered a reassuring smile. “The money is enough to sustain us for a very long time,” he said. “No need to become a powerful conglomerate. It’ll be terrible if we reveal ourselves!”

Selena considered the opinions, then she nodded her head. “Whatever comes later comes later, I suppose. For now, we can only open small companies and do small businesses. It would be safer since it’ll be harder to find us that way. And we’ll have a steady stream of income. We can’t just keep digging into our savings!”

Old Man Taylor bobbed his head in satisfaction. “You’re right. It’s plausible for us to do small businesses. It’ll be fine so long as it doesn’t grow out of control. We can do it!”

After he said that, he looked at Jack. “Right. You’re the strongest fighter we have here, Jack. And the ten female bodyguards of yours are pretty strong too. The rest that we have aren’t that reliable. So where should we go now? I hope you can make the decision. We’ll listen to you!”

Jack was a little moved when he heard this. If Old Man Taylor said that they were going to listen to him, it meant that the family was entrusting all the lives of the Taylor family to him.

Jack thought about it. “Since you’ve given me the authority, Grandfather, I say that we move out tomorrow,” he said. “We’ll drive off at night. It’ll be harder for people to track us this way. I don’t plan to tell you where we’re heading now. My car will be leading in the front, and all of you just follow along. I’ll tell you where we’re going after we’ve arrived at another city!”

Old Man Taylor creased his brows slightly after taking it in, then he slowly nodded his head.

At that moment, he was not questioning Jack’s decision to keep the destination a secret—and he was also appraising the young man’s discreteness in his mind.

After all, the Gold family was here for dinner as well, and there were plenty of people around them. What if the Lambert family tracked down their movements through these people? They would be in deep trouble then.

He doubted that the Gold family could keep their lips completely sealed if the Lambert family came knocking on their door. After all, they immediately revealed their relationship with the Taylor family the other day, when the four people came to them.

It seemed that this would be the last time they were going to have a friendly meal with the Gold family—and with Cecilia.

At this moment, Jack added, “Give the workers here some money tomorrow—the guards, the bodyguards—and dismiss them. The female bodyguards working for me told me that they would follow, and they’re strong enough fighters. It won’t be good if we bring too many people along. It’ll attract attention.”

Jack paused here before continuing, “Of course, if any one of the Taylor family members does not wish to follow us, and wants to find their own place to hide and live their own lives, that’s fine by me. But you can only take 50 million dollars tomorrow when you leave. I believe that it’ll be enough if you’re thrifty. It all depends on you!”

At Jack’s words, Old Man Taylor scanned the faces of his family members.

When he studied them, he could not help but furrow his brows. He noticed that plenty of people were seriously considering the proposition; it was evident that they were moved.

Old Man Taylor heaved an internal sigh. He had thought that everyone would be united enough to go together.

He never thought that so many people would be so fearful of dying. The chances of being tracked down shrunk exponentially if they left alone or with their small family, settling down in a rural area. It would be difficult to find them, and they would get 50 million dollars. They would lead comfortable lives, at least. Obviously, they could not afford to be too showy.

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