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Chapter 882

The young woman nodded and said, “After all, this proves that Young Master Jack is not a useless but promising person. The great elder and the others would definitely stand by Jack’s side and this would increase their determination in supporting Jack. On the contrary, this would give more reason to that prudent woman, Lily, to target Jack!”

“Alright, I hope that Joan can convince Jack as there’s a small possibility of us doing that. Joan is his mother and there might be hope for her!” The old man finally said.

It was in the afternoon and Ivan was done with his work. Even Xena came over to fetch him.

Ivan could not help himself but to speak after the both of them stepped out of the office. “This is weird, it’s already six in the evening but why hasn’t Ken and the others call me yet? Apart from that, didn’t I ask him to immediately send me a photo after he killed Jack?”

“Could it be that they’ve met with some accident?” Xena frowned and made a guess.

“How’s that possible? Jack’s poisoned and although we don’t know why he’s still alive, his body wouldn’t be as good as it once was!” Ivan said directly. “Apart from that, those assassins are the top twenty on the killer list. Although they are just in the first twenty range of the Southwest killer list, they are extremely good and should be enough to kill Jack. You didn’t hear what the killers said. Some of them said that they can handle it alone and we were being too cautious for getting so many of them!”

“If that’s the case, Ken must have forgotten to send you photos. They might have gone out celebrating with drinks after they saw that Jack was dead?” Xena thought about it and made another guess.

“They went celebrating?” Ivan was stunned and felt that it was possible. He soon took out his cellphone and called the other party.

Sadly, neither Ken nor Neil answered his call.

“Could they have gotten drunk cause they were too happy?”

Ivan finally smiled bitterly. “Why don’t we go have a look at the small island?”

“Do we need to go over? I’m afraid to go to that sort of place so late at night. What if it gets too dark?!” Xena pulled Ivan’s sleeve and showed an expression of being a timid woman.

“Why are you afraid? There’s nothing to be afraid of. Let’s go and take a look. Jack’s body might still be on that island!” Ivan smirked.

Both of them drove out of the city and the sky slowly darkened. They could still see clearly before it turned totally dark, the both of them walked through the woods and reached the island.

“How’s that possible?! There are so many bodies here! Ivan, let’s leave!” Xena was frightened after she saw the bodies of the killers on the island.

“Damn it! Weren’t these killers good? These are the bodies of the killers! Where’s Jack’s body?!” How could Ivan give up when he already came over?

He continued his search but the deeper he went, the darker his face grew. “Damn it! I don’t see Jack’s body!t These are all the bodies of the assassins and Ken’s bodyguards. How’s this possible?! Ken and Neil are both dead too!”

Ivan was so frightened that he had cold sweat on his forehead after his search.

It turned out that Ken and Neil were not out celebrating with drinks. It turned out that they were both killed along with the killers by Jack alone.

“Jack’s combat ability is so strong?” Xena was also extremely frightened as Jack was too scary.

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