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Chapter 841

Quickly enough, Master Gold seemed to realize that something was amiss. He frowned. He felt dissatisfied. What on earth was Jack following them for?

“Perhaps it’s a coincidence. Maybe they so happen to be going this way!”

Old Man Taylor furrowed his brows. Jack had said that he wanted to throw a birthday party for Selena, but he had been secretive about it. He did not even give them an invitation—in fact, he never even told them about the date and location.

He had even assumed that Jack would have thought that the act was meaningless, considering that the Taylor family and plenty of other aristocratic families would be attending Cecilia’s wedding instead of their birthday party. He had assumed that was the reason why Jack had not told anyone about it.

However, he never expected that Jack would cook up such a display today. The young man must have spent a fortune on the car fleet. Did he truly arrange all that?

“I know!”

At this moment, Master Gold slapped his thigh. “It must be due to that seven-star hotel being booked by a super tycoon family, and Jack and the others probably just hitched a ride from some other person to get to their own hotel, which happens to be around that area, so it’ll be along the way… He’s just doing it for the sake of his vanity.”

“No way. Those are wedding cars. How could anyone agree to that?”

Old Man Taylor flashed a bitter smile. “I think Jack is just bending over backward to maintain his dignity. Ah, young people these days. Never mind them. It’s Cecilia’s wedding today. We’ll definitely take part in it!”

The Gold family’s fleet of cars soon arrived at the entrance of the six-star hotel. When they stopped, they realized that Jack’s fleet of cars drove on and parked near the entrance of the seven-star hotel.

“No–no way!”

The members of the Taylor and the Gold family were all stunned at the sight once they got down from the car. The seven-star hotel had been entirely booked by a mystery tycoon. Was the mystery tycoon Jack himself?

A red carpet had been unfurled before the hotel entrance. Jack walked forward, Selena’s hand in his, and rose petals slowly drifted over their heads.

“It’s beautiful!”

Selena lifted her chin, shocked. The petals were falling from the highest floor, dancing with a lazy breeze. It was as though it was raining roses.

Suddenly, the entire hotel transformed into a screen—and Selena’s smiling face appeared on it, the beautiful expression captured by a passing drone.

“Not bad. Not bad at all!”

Fiona, Ben, and the others were all extremely moved.

Did Jack actually book this entire hotel? Where did he even get the money from?

“Let’s go in. Who cares about them? I don’t think that any of the other aristocratic families or those war officers would actually attend the birthday party and forgo the wedding happening on our side!”

Cecilia was so furious that her face had gone white. She stamped her foot.

“It doesn’t look like a birthday party. Look at that screen—they’re celebrating Jack and Selena’s wedding!”

Ivan pointed at the building.

At this moment, everyone’s phones buzzed.

They all took out their phones. It was actually a mass message congratulating Jack and Selena on their wedding.

“No way. If we’re getting a text like this, doesn’t that mean that the entire country has gotten the same thing?”

Old Man Taylor was completely stupefied; he wondered if he had gone blind. Every one of them received the same message. Was this a mass congratulatory message?

“No–no way. It probably got sent out to the entire Eastfield. They must have designated a specific province!”

Cecilia immediately protested.

Even if that were the case, it would have been impossible if not for some figure with considerable influence.

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