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Chapter 822

Not long after, Hector Zaborowski, Lee Neuman, and David Wilson went to Kingston Hall with their subordinates.

The leaders of four powerful families and clans gathered at the same place to discuss how to punish the son-in-law who married into the Taylor family.

Meanwhile, tear-filled Timothy Drake laid on his bed alone.

“Jack, you bastard!” cursed Timothy by reflex, fists balled tightly as he did. “I, Timothy Drake, swear that I’ll kill you!”

He never thought that he would see the day when his private parts would get cut off entirely. He never once thought he would be a real-life eunuch.

On the other hand, his father publicly announced that he suffered a minor injury, and Timothy nearly passed out in white-hot anger.

He could not understand why his father was so afraid of Jack. He did not believe that they could not get rid of Jack with the entire Drake family’s power.

His surprise only grew when James not only handed the South City Group to Tanya but also several other companies, all while he suffered immense pain. This arrangement meant that he had nothing much to do. He could only manage several small cafes and internet cafes in the Drake family businesses.

Timothy despised the fate that befell him. Instead of blaming his recklessness and impulsive behavior under alcohol influence, he blamed it on his father for not avenging him.

With those thoughts in mind, he quickly called Leo Turner and asked him to visit him with several of their brothers.

“Just you wait, Jack. Since my father won’t avenge me, I’ll do it myself,” hissed Timothy as he clenched his fists. “I’m not a person you can push around… I won’t accept this!”

Fiona’s displeasure with Jack continued to fester even during dinner. She felt anger overwhelming her when she recalled how Cecilia and Kelly basically made fun of her in the afternoon.

As they ate, Fiona began, “By the way, I suddenly remembered something. Didn’t I tell you guys before how I mistook the pricing of a particular necklace with a lone ruby? I didn’t notice there was an extra zero behind it, and that nine billion dollar necklace has been brought by a mysterious buyer!”

“How’s that possible? Are there really people who’d buy a nine billion dollar necklace? That person must be really rich!” blurted Ben upon hearing his mother’s explanation.

“I wonder which pretty woman is lucky enough to be able to wear such a nice necklace!” Elaine, who sat beside Ben, was rather envious of the fact.

Fiona and Andrew were satisfied that Elaine became Ben’s girlfriend. After all, Elaine was not only pretty, but she also had a nice figure, a sweet mouth, and a pair of lively eyes. It also helped that she was rather rich and was skilled in martial arts.

In Fiona’s opinion, she felt that Elaine was ten times better—or even more—than Xena.

“The shop previously stated that the necklace is used to increase publicity or for exhibition purposes, so it can be considered as the shop’s symbolism. The pricing of this necklace is definitely more than nine billion dollar as it still has lots of hidden value. They wouldn’t have sold it for nine billion dollar under normal circumstances!” Nobody expected that Selena would have quite the knowledge about these things. “My guess is that the shop must’ve not sold the necklace if it isn’t at least with a twenty billion price tag. I suspect that this mysterious person must be very powerful and had bought the necklace at a very high price!”

“I never thought that my darling would know so much about such things!”

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