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Chapter 810

“Me? It’s definitely not me! I think it’s you guys who exposed your whereabouts!”

A vortex of anger swirled inside Lawrence as he barked at the people from the Green Sky Hall. “You guys have been living in Eastfield for so long, it must have been your people who were so careless that you guys exposed the location!”

Elder Ward and Elder Castellano exchanged glances, both of them felt guilty in their hearts. After all, Jack this motherf*cker had warned them before about their dirty deed. It was just that their Master promised that he would not do such deed anymore but still gave an order to continue these dirty trades underground.

Besides, he killed three of their men three days ago.

They initially thought that this guy would charge into Green Sky Hall and teach them a lesson, however, they never expected for him to find out their trade tonight and actually came here.

“I think it’s you! Hmph! Our trading location has never been revealed before, how come Jack could find us this time? There is no such coincidence!”

A man from the Green Sky Hall faced the Watsons and snorted coldly. They refused to take the blame as well.

Sheepish glances were exchanged between Lawrence and Jayden; they were guilt-ridden. After all, they met with Jack last night and who knew Jack would find out their whereabouts and brought along a God of War and a King of War? Inside their heart, they knew that it was them who had exposed the location, which led to the current situation.

“Wow. Most amusing drama show I’ve ever witnessed. Do you think this is the time to talk about this?”

Jack, on the other hand, sneered frostily. “It doesn’t matter who exposed the location, it’s not important now. The Grim Reaper is coming to y’all!”

“Who are you? Why are you going against us?”

A cold face was plastered on Lawrence as he shot Jack a vicious stare.

“What did I say? It doesn’t matter anymore, right? The Goddess of War is here with me tonight, it also means that tonight will be your last night on the earth!”

“Kill them all!” Jack waved his hand, sending orders to Lana and Queenie.

Elder Ward and Elder Castellano finally knew what real terror was. They were completely shocked at the sight before them. Jack had actually shouted toward the Goddess of War, moreover, he was the one who gave the order to kill? Did this not mean that the Goddess of War had listened to him?

“Dang it! We’ll fight them! There’s only three of them, I don’t believe that with the number we have, we can’t defeat them!”

Elder Ward gritted his teeth as he yelled toward his men.


A big and muscular man—who was borrowed from the Kingston Hall—squatted on the ground and stomped on the ground like a sumo. A deep pit formed on the ground; the big guy made a huge pit with just a stomp. He was on his feet again, and his eyes were full of raw rage. Then he kicked backward, leaping toward Jack at a lighting speed.

“Go to hell, motherf*cker!”

The big man let out a sharp huff, with his balled fist, he charged toward Jack’s direction. The scene was terrifying.

“Damn, such a terrific speed! He has the speed of a King of War, I guess!”

Jack was surprised at the big man’s speed as well. He did not expect an elite from the Kingston Hall to be this powerful and terrifying. If the opponent of this big man was not Jack but others, they were definitely not on par with him.

Nonetheless, Jack clenched his fist firmly and collided with the other party’s fist head-on.

The ferocious attack of the big man was suddenly nullified and he was sent backward a few meters, knocking down whoever behind the big man that was charging toward Jack. His momentum was only halted after knocking down dozens of men.

The big man spurt out a mouthful of blood; the red colored liquid was covering his philtrum and his face went white. And those guys who were knocked down by him were heavily injured as well. Some of them spewed blood like the big man and went down.

“What the f*ck! How strong is him!”

Elder Castellano was weighed down by dread that color drained from her face. Realization finally hit her face hard, that last time Jack had definitely not used his full strength when he was fighting with her. This man was too powerful, no, he was the Grim Reaper to be exact.

On the other side, Lana and Queenie were like wolves hunting in a flock of sheep—ferocious, swift, and certain. Those who were struck by them died instantly without registering what had happened.

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