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Chapter 808

In the evening of that day, the men of Green Sky hall finally sensed something strange.

“Master, I have bad news! Three of our elites have gone missing!”

A middle-aged man presented before Hector Zaborowski and reported with his forehead frowning, “And I have gotten another news that not far from Jack’s residence, there were three men who were shooting pictures, were caught and killed. I strongly suspect that those three are our men, and they bumped into the adopted son-in-law and were killed by him, what do you think?”


Hector shot up from his chair after hearing the shocking news. “What’s going on with these men? I’ve already told them multiple times to keep an eye on Jack and be careful not to be caught by him! Now what? Trying to show off their bravery by filming the girls near Jack’s residence? Weren’t they looking for death?”

The middle-aged man’s face dulled and darkened. He asked in a worrisome tone, “Master Zaborowski, that punk is hot-headed and impulsive. He killed our men without thinking twice; it’s obvious that we’re nothing in his eyes!”

He paused for a moment before continuing, “I’m not worried about the three men who got killed instead what worries me is that the punk would come at us like last time! You’ve promised that you’d not continue this deed anymore, and now he found out that we’re still doing it, I’m afraid that he will not let us go this time.”

The corners of Hector’s mouth twitched involuntarily. “Gather all the elite fighters here! We have to stop him from coming to our hall. On top of that, I’ll go to my elder brother and ask for some excellent fighters from Kingston hall to stay guard here. I’ll just tell him that we’re short of manpower these couple of days!”

The middle-aged man breathed out a huge sigh of relief when he heard Master Zaborowski’s plan. “That’s a good idea! If we can get a few top-notch hitmen from Kingston Hall, that would be excellent! After all, Kingston Hall hired a bunch of good fighters, and they were never short of manpower!”

“We really have to guard against the crazy brat. Tell our men the same too, they should change their location if they want to continue filming in secret! All right. You may leave now.”

Hector gestured to the middle-aged man to leave. “The big boss from America is here, and we’re going to trade with them tomorrow night. We can’t have any slip-ups at this point!”

At night, after Jack returned home, he rang Lana secretly, asking her to get Queenie to observe every movement of the Watson family, and report to him instantly once numerous of the Watsons left the residence.

Queenie squeaked in happiness that she was almost paralyzed with happiness when she understood that Jack—the Supreme Warrior—had given her a task personally. This was an honor to her.

Moreover, the Supreme Warrior had ordered them to come along with him to the scene to warm up. He was afraid that there would be fish that had slipped through the net—runaway, as both parties would bring many people with them.

The next day soon came, Jack, on the other hand, had been waiting patiently for news.

It was only at night, almost nine o’clock, that he received a call from Queenie, informing him that the Watson’s men had left the area, and it looked like they were planning to go out of town.

Jack ordered Queenie to tail behind them and keep him informed of their movement at all times. He then contacted Lana right after and both of them headed toward the outskirts of the city together.

In an abandoned factory not far from the city, many elites from Green Sky hall were stand-guarding and waiting here quietly.

For the exception of Hector Zaborowski from the Green Sky Hall, there were more than 400 people in the factory—several top-notch hitmen, and the rest were some powerful upper-range fighters. They were all gathered here tonight.

Behind them were a bunch of young girls and each of them was stunning and alluring.

These women—around a hundred of them—were crouching on the ground in fear. Their body wobbling in terror and none of them dared to move an inch.

“This batch of girls is of good quality. The people of America are truly fortunate this time, they can enjoy these good quality women.”

Elder Ward smiled blandly. In his hand, there was a flash drive.

“This time we have to make them pay at least 150 million, less than that amount is a no-no! Our women coupled with these photos we took, it has to be worth at least 150 million!”

Elder Castellano snarled bitterly. She was leaning on her cane as usual.

“Of course!”

Two bulky men behind Elder Castellano laughed out loud. One of them said with a smile, “Unfortunately, this time the trading time will be short. Otherwise, there are a few hot chicks here that I really wanted to have a taste!”

At this time, Lawrence—the master of the Watson family together with his son, Jayden have arrived at the abandoned factory. Behind them were hundreds of their men.

“Ha-Ha! It’s been a long time!”

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