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Chapter 798

“It baffles me how a man who’s daft in picking clothes to wear for certain occasions could get such a beautiful wife! I wonder how you get so lucky.” Jayden looked at Jack again before he turned to walk toward the lift, his eyes filled with contempt.

“I…” Jack balled his fists tightly and was ready to run right for him.

Jack only managed to take one step forward before Selena interjected him.

She stopped him with her eyes, and it was only after everyone else had gone before them did she say, “Why do you care about what trashy people like him say? Let’s ignore him, and we’ll leave after we finish our meal. People like this leave a bad taste in my mouth. I wouldn’t have come had it not been Mother forcing us to come!”

“Alright.” Jack quickly stamped down his anger after Selena coaxed him, and he told himself to not drop to the levels of such trashy people.

The group of people soon entered a well-decorated private room.

“Everybody can order what you like to your heart’s content. To be honest, I grew up overseas and I seldom eat this kind of food. I don’t really like the food here!” Young Master Watson sat down and still had an aloof attitude.

Selena and Fiona smiled embarrassingly before taking up the menu and started ordering dishes.

“Jayden, be careful when you speak. Although you grew up overseas and you seldom stayed at Daxia, your mother and I are Daxians. By default, you’re also a Daxian, with Daxian blood running in you. Do you understand?” Lawrence eyed his son sharply as he continued, “The war that happened between both countries not long ago is quite embarrassing for people with our status.”

“Embarrassing? What’s so embarrassing about that? Didn’t Uncle Watson just say that we’re all Daxians? This is nothing embarrassing, right?” Jack casually replied with a smirk.

“Sigh… Although we’re Daxians, we’re considered Americans since we’ve lived there for quite some time, and this goes especially for my son. He’s been living there from a young age, and he seldom returns to Daxia. This is his third time back here, and we were the ones who specially wished that both countries didn’t go into war because we have feelings for both countries!” Lawrence sighed and had a helpless expression on his face.

Jack started smiling coldly again once he heard this. “So that’s what you mean. After the rather detailed explanation, it seems like you two are almost becoming residents of both countries. This is really ridiculous! How can you not know where you’re from? What’s the difference between this and being in two relationships at the same time?”

Jayden instantly slammed his palm against the table as he shot up from his seat, his hardened gaze fixed onto Jack in anger. “What’s with all this talk? If it wasn’t because your mother-in-law and my mother are best friends, you won’t be walking out of this hotel in one piece!”

“Really? Just with these people?” Jack laughed and stood up after he heard what Jayden said. “I’m going to be honest with you: Your bodyguards are nothing in my opinion!”

Lawrence intended to reprimand him, wanting to show his anger, but he said nothing when he saw Jayden getting angry.

Lawrence smirked a cold smirk at Jack’s boisterous reply. “You’re rather arrogant for saying such things. It seems like you’re good at fighting. If that’s the case, do you want to test your strength with my bodyguards? You can choose who you want. How about that?”

“One? Are you really looking down on me? They can all come at me for all I care!” Jack smiled coldly and looked at their bodyguards in disdain. Most of these bodyguards were Americans, and both men of dark skin seemed rather powerful. It so happened that Jack wanted to test himself out.

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