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Chapter 765

Selena did not know whether to laugh or cry. “What use is there in hoping? Why should I have hope if they’re not going to come!”

“Do you really want them to come? Then I should invite them over!”

Jack smiled and spoke in a confident tone, “I believe that they’ll definitely preserve my dignity!”

“My goodness. You’re speaking as though you had plenty of dignity, to begin with!”

Selena rolled her eyes at him. Then she noticed that his hand was on her thigh. She picked it up, cheeks flushing. “Drive properly and don’t put your hands everywhere. Seriously!”

“Looks like you’re embarrassed!”

Jack chuckled. “I’ll place it everywhere when it’s bedtime. How about that?”

The pink on Selena’s cheeks deepened. “I can’t be bothered with you, you pervert! Now we’re both jobless, and you’ve offended the Drake family. I just pray that James really won’t come for us, like what you said!”

“Don’t worry. He would have done something just now if he wanted to take revenge! Would he have let us leave just like that?”

They quickly arrived at the villa. After he parked the car, Jack said, “Oh, right. Let me tell you how I was fired by Timothy!”

“Oh, yeah. I would have forgotten if you hadn’t mentioned it. Timothy said that you talked against him. What on earth happened? Weren’t you doing your job just fine for the Drake family?”

Selena immediately asked as the thought popped into her head.

“That’s because I struck big today—I won a bet worth one billion dollars just like that!”

Jack got down from the car. “So don’t worry. I earned a billion dollars today,” he said, grinning. “We’ll be fine even if you stay at home and become a housewife. We can even go for a honeymoon when we’re free!”

“Our child is already so big, and you’re still thinking of a honeymoon? Only you could think of something like that!”

Selena’s heart was leaping in delight. She wound her arm around Jack’s and walked toward the villa’s entrance. “So tell me, how did you win the billion dollars?”

“Billiards. Because…”

Jack then told everything that had transpired in the morning to Selena.

“You learned to play that fast? You’ve never played it before, but you just knew how to play once you got into it. And you won a billion dollars?”

Shock rippled throughout Selena when she finished listening to the story.

At the moment in the Drake family’s residence.

After Jack left, Tanya ran over to check on Timothy, who was still unconscious. She furrowed her brows and looked at her father. “What do we do, Dad?”

“What else can we do but to quickly take him to the hospital? If Jack says he’s not dead, he’s not dead. We need to get him to the hospital immediately. Let’s pray that Timothy will still be able to have heirs. But his future will be even more uncertain if we’re a second too late!”

James immediately declared before ordering his men to take his son to the hospital.

He released a sigh. “Seriously. Why would Timothy dare to do something like that? He really dug a grave for himself!”

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