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Chapter 750

“Oh, you’ve been fired by Young Master Drake!” Fiona said with a smile before she suddenly snapped at the realization, “What?! You’ve been fired? You said you’re fired? Is something wrong? They fired you for real?”

“What’s going on? Why are you yelling about?” Andrew asked as he walked out from the house to go on a walk.

Jack… He… He said that he’s fired. Listen to him! He’s been fired from a job that has a monthly income of twenty million!” Fiona stomped her leg in anger and was extremely frustrated.

“What?!” Andrew was also surprised when he heard this. “Jack, are you joking? Are you lying to us? How can you be fired so suddenly?” He was stunned at this moment. “This doesn’t sound right. How can you be fired? Don’t you have a good relationship with the Drakes? Didn’t Miss Tanya speak kindly on your behalf? Why did Young Master Drake fire you? Is the situation really impossible to salvage?”

Fiona was just as bewildered and questioned what actually went down. “I don’t think so. Didn’t you say that you helped Miss Tanya fight off gangsters?”

“Miss Tanya and James wouldn’t fire me. Miss Tanya spoke on my behalf, too!” Jack laughed before continuing, “However, what Young Master Drake said caused me to not want to work for them!”

“What actually happened?” Andrew grew anxious at the fact that Jack had lost a job with such a high income. What should they do? After all, Jack had less than 100 million with him.

Their family had employed helpers and a dozen bodyguards. Selena’s one million monthly salary was definitely not enough.

Of course, Fiona had quite the amount of money with her, but did Jack not promise her daughter a city-stirring birthday party? The advertisements were already done, too. What should they do if they did not have enough money? Were they going to use her money?

“This is what went down. I went to play billiards with Tanya and the others, and I ended up offending Leo Turner. He had a good relationship with Young Master Drake. He wagered a hefty bet against me in a few rounds of billiards, which he lost ten rounds. He was supposed to pay me, but he didn’t have enough with him. Young Master Drake helped speak on Leo’s behalf but I disagreed with them. Young Master Drake said that I didn’t spare or give him face, so he scolded me and said that he wanted to fire me!

“Since he’s already said that he’s going to fire me, why do I need to stay there? I’m not so shameless.” Jack smiled indifferently after he spoke. He took out a cigarette, lit it up and inhaled.

“You! Are you trying to kill us?!” Fiona was extremely angry. “It’s only natural that Young Master Drake would get angry when he helped speak on behalf of his friend and you refuse to give him face! His friend merely owed you a little bit of money, so why did you insist on asking for it? Just don’t take that person’s money if he doesn’t have enough. Why are you so stupid that you didn’t spare Young Master Drake his dignity?”

“That’s right. I didn’t think you’d be this much of a fool. It’s just a bet; how much can you lose from that? Even if that person lost ten consecutive games, it’s not a lot of money. You have a monthly salary of twenty million, too!” Andrew slapped his thigh in anger.

Two of Jack’s female bodyguards frowned when they overheard this conversation.

Unable to hold her peace, one of them walked toward Fiona and Andrew. “Uncle, Auntie, I can’t stand it when the other party says these kinds of things about our master. Since they’ve fired him, how can he continue to work as their bodyguards shamelessly?”

The other bodyguard also stepped forward and said, “That’s right! It’s their luck that our master had worked as their bodyguard. How dare they fire him?! They’re too much!”

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