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Chapter 746

After Timothy and the rest left the hall, Jack turned to the girls and said, “We should get going now. Though I’m fired, we’re all still friends. Let me send you guys home.”

“Jack, my brother spoke out of anger just now. You really want to quit just like that?” Reluctant Tanya continued to persuade Jack, even though he made himself clear moments ago.

Yvonne, her cousin, was just as reluctant. “Jack, you need to think about it clearly. It’s very hard to find a job with a monthly salary of twenty million!” Although this guy annoyed her from time to time, it would have disheartened her to watch him leave.

“I won’t regret anything once my mind’s made up!” Jack laughed. “On top of that, didn’t I just win one billion from the few rounds of billiards? I need to work for several years before I can earn one billion, right?”

There was nothing Tanya and the rest could say once Jack made his decision.

Though, Sharon’s eyes seemingly glimmered. “Jack, now that you don’t have a job… Why don’t you work as a bodyguard for my family? I can give you a monthly salary of fifty million. You don’t need to do anything apart from companying me and talking to me every day. How does that sound?”

Tanya and Yvonne internally facepalmed; Sharon’s intentions were too obvious. She did not want Jack to work there. She wanted to be with him so that they would have time to build a relationship.

“You?” Jack was stunned and poked her forehead with his finger. “I wouldn’t work for you even if it’s a monthly salary of a hundred million. It’d be downright dangerous if I do. That’s like sending a lamb into a tiger’s den!”

“What do you mean, ‘sending a lamb into a tiger’s den’? You’re saying this as though I’m a pervert!” Sharon pursed her dainty mouth, flabbergasted at Jack’s choice of words.

“Let’s head back, I need to come home early.” Jack smiled and continued saying, “I earned one billion today. It should be enough to hold a birthday party for my wife, right?”

Tanya and the others were speechless. This man bagged a billion just like that

The people from the Turner family must be extremely angry right now.

After he had sent the ladies home, Jack made his way home.

Tanya, upon entering her residence, immediately went looking for James after Jack left.

James was having a chat with Spectre and the other masters of the Drake family when Tanya approached him. “Oh. Didn’t you just leave with the rest for some leisure time? You’re back quite early!” asked Drake with a grin on his face.

“Father… I’m so angry! Timothy is really getting on my nerves!”

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