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Chapter 731

“Very well then!”

The corners of Leo’s mouth curled upward. In the next second, the cue ball was struck with a great force that sent the red balls scattering around the billiard table.

However, unfortunately, none of the balls went into either of the pockets.

“Young Master Leo, seems like lady luck is not on your side!”

Jack could not help but laugh at the play. “Now, my turn! The position of the white cue ball is strategic, and several red balls are near to the pockets!”

“Yup. The white cue ball is in good position, but for a newbie like you, I don’t even have to plot a defense. I scattered the balls just so I can beat you in a flash later on!”

Leo laughed.

Timothy flashed a wan smile at the situation as well. He sneered, “It seems simple. But when he can’t pocket any ball, he will know what makes a good billiard player!”

Once the last syllable of the word dropped, Jack mimicked Leo’s earlier posture and lay on his stomach on the edge of the billiard table. His posture seemed professional and in the next moment he struck out the cue ball with the cue stick, hitting a red ball.

“It’s pocketed!”

Sharon’s eyes widened as though she saw a ghost, and in the next second, she jumped like a kangaroo, celebrating for the pocketed ball. “Oh my goodness! It went in! Jack actually scored points in his first play! So freaking amazing!”

“Wow! The ball is pocketed and the strike was pretty accurate too!”

Tanya was puzzled at the scene before her. His posture was pretty professional, too. If he had not asked so many questions during the play between Timothy and Leo, Tanya would not have thought that Jack was a novice in billiards. His gestures were definitely close to the ones of experts.

“What’s the use of only pocketing one ball? There’re so many balls yet to be pocketed, and now it’s time to hit the colored balls.

Arms crossed before Yvonne’s chest, she whined. She felt worried for Jack, after all, it was her first time witnessing a billiard game with a one hundred million bet per round.

The crowd from the other nearby tables stopped whatever they were doing and switched their focus toward Jack’s table.

After all, a bet of one hundred million per round was something else.

“I initially planned to make the white ball stop at this position so that I can aim for seven points. But I couldn’t manage the strength well when I struck it out, and the white ball stopped at another position. Hmmm. It’s better for me to aim for six points then, especially for someone who has just started to learn how to play billiards. Seven points is too risky!”

Jack murmured to himself as he studied the positions of the balls on the table.

“This punk can really act like a pro, huh? Planning for the positions of the balls and aiming seven points? I think he just struck the cue ball randomly and bullsh*t!”

One guy from Leo’s group sneered aloud.

At this time, Jack lay on his stomach again, getting ready for the next strike. After adjusting his cue stick, he flung his arm and struck the white cue ball. In a jiffy, a ball was pocketed and another six points went to Jack.

“What the f*ck? Another one? Although this is an easy one because it was in a straight line, as a newbie of billiard, how can he score so easily?

The smile on Leo’s face that was arrogant and brazen previously, had slowly morphed into a dry and bitter one. Worries and concerns gnawed inside him slightly. Was this punk pretending to be a newbie at this game? His preparation posture and the way he struck out the cue stick, all seemed too professionals.

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