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Chapter 724

Not long after, several cars were parked outside of a lavish-looking mall.

“Wait downstairs. We’ll be upstairs for some entertainment, so you guys can find a place and enjoy some milk tea if you want.” Sharon gave her bodyguards several hundred dollars and added, “Jack is here, so it should be fine for us to go upstairs and play billiards for a while.”

“Alright! Thank you, Miss Sharon!” The bodyguards received the money respectfully and left happily.

As they walked, Jack inspected the area and said, “This place looks quite high-end. Playing billiards here must be quite expensive.”

“I’ve been here several times, and the billiards hall upstairs is quite nice. They have all sorts of drinks and dessert for free, though the fee here is based on per entry. It’s a thousand dollars per person, no matter how many hours you play here.” Tanya smiled and added, “There’s four of us here, so it’s four thousand dollars.”

Jack nodded. “If that’s the case, then we’ll have to play a little longer. It’d be a waste of that much money if we don’t.”

Jack’s comment made Yvonne roll her eyes at Jack. “We’re not asking you to pay. You’re here to company us, so we’re going to pay. Apart from that, it’s only several thousand dollars. How’s that expensive? Didn’t you just receive twenty million dollars worth of salary?”

“But this is how it’s calculated!” Jack offered a smile, but the sight of a person not far away soured his grin. “Isn’t that Young Master Drake?”

Tanya looked and was slightly surprised. Her expression darkened. “Big brother!”

She had gotten wind that her brother recently meddled with people from the Turner family and was progressively gambling with billiards. Not only did he lose money, but he even went looking for prostitutes with these people.

If this continued, he would be damaged like those people.


“F*ck, I’ve lost again!” snapped Timothy.

“Be patient and take it slow, Young Master Drake. Your skills have gotten better! Didn’t I lose the last game to you?” The man with a cue stick that stood opposite Timothy laughed and added, “Apart from that, ten million per round is still affordable to you, right Young Master Drake?”

Timothy pulled his collar and said, “Ten million is nothing; I can afford that. That’s a small amount of money to me!”

He walked over, took a bottle of beverage and started drinking. After he had large gulps, he growled, “Of course, it’s only natural that I’m unhappy since I’ve lost a game that I almost won. We’ve played ten games today, and I’ve only won two. I’m furious!”

The man chuckled and reminded Timothy, “It’s been ten games. We make the payment once every ten games. As I’ve won six games more, that’d be sixty million, Young Master Drake!”

The corners of Timothy’s mouth slightly twitched before he took out his cellphone. “Don’t you worry, I’ll transfer the money to you now!”

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