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Chapter 720

“That makes so much sense! No wonder this guy dared to boast about hosting Selena’s birthday grandly. He’s confident because he has the means to do so!” came Ivan’s reply as he, too, saw the clearer picture. “F*ck… Jack had been so low-profile that we thought he only had several million with him. It genuinely didn’t occur to me he’d have four to five hundred million. If he really had that much, it should be enough to spend around one to two hundred million on the party!”

“Damn it! I was waiting to see him clowning himself. Well, isn’t that just great! We probably won’t get to see him failing miserably like we had thought. At this rate, he can host a grand birthday party after all!” fumed Neil. He poured himself some wine and downed it in one go.

“Come, the dishes have been served. Let’s chat while we drink.” Just like that, Ivan’s mood turned sour as well.

“I’m even angrier at the fact that we’ve spent several million to advertise the party for them, in hopes that everyone would turn up to see him embarrass himself silly.” Like Ivan, Ken also poured himself a big glass of wine and drank it in one go. “Suddenly, everything falls into place for him,” he hissed, “while we’ve wasted so much money. F*ck! What did we get out of spending such a big amount of money? He can easily go ahead and carry out such a lavish birthday party. Didn’t we help him out and cut his costs? We’ve cut off several million for him!”

“Tch! I even borrowed some money from my friends and said that I’ll pay him back. I borrowed that money just to help fund the ads for this jerk!” Neil sighed and was helpless. His father had strict control over him and was afraid that he would cause trouble, thus Neil’s pocket money was reduced monthly.

“It’s not entirely useless. We still played him!” Ivan laughed and drank a mouthful of wine slowly before he added, “Regardless, he has no idea that he’s been poisoned. So what if the party stirs up the city? Isn’t everyone there to see his funeral? To see how he dies?”

“Young Master Taylor, we’re unhappy that we’ve spent money to advertise for him, but we’re more concerned that he’s not poisoned! That’ll be a huge trouble!” Ken was downright worried as he eyed Xena warily. “That’s why I rushed to ask Miss Xena if she really saw Jack drink the poison!”

Angered by the implication, Xena’s hand instinctively raised as she snapped, “Young Master Clark, how many times do I need to say this before you believe me? I, Xena Jackson, swear to the skies. If I didn’t see Jack drink the poison with my own eyes, I’ll get struck by lightning!”

Ken had no other choice than to believe that Xena did not lie to them when he heard what she said.

“Alright, we believe you.” Ken was quiet for some time before he spoke, “I was just very anxious, worried that Jack had bribed you and that you pretended to be with Young Master Taylor so that you can get intel about us. Seems like that’s not the case and all is fine.”

“How… How dare you doubt me like that?!” Xena’s chest heaved in anger when she heard this. She looked at Ken angrily and exploded, “I’m truly in love with Ivan. Don’t make assumptions all the time! I’ll get very angry if you say that again!”

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