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Chapter 711

When Lee noticed that David was raising the issue, he said, “To be honest, you know as well as I do that the Eagle Clan has suffered heavy losses before this. We lost 300 men, and we’ve been searching for the culprit behind their murders. We must avenge their deaths by killing him!”

“Oh? So did you find him?”

David’s heart nearly skipped a beat. He said, “Master Neuman, why are you here then? Don’t tell me that you suspect one of us? Your 300 men were all elites from the headquarters. One of them was even one of the Four Fighters from the Eagle Clan. We certainly don’t have the means to have a man slaughter so many people!”

“It’s all a misunderstanding! You misunderstood me, Master Wilson,” Lee replied hurriedly. “I don’t want to cause any trouble by coming to you. I wanted to cooperate with you!”

Here, Lee paused for a while and cast a glance toward Michael, who stood to the side. “According to our investigations, Jack was the one who killed our 300 men,” he continued. “That son-in-law of the Taylor family, Jack!”


Michael immediately exclaimed when he heard that. His expression revealed utter disbelief. “No way. Is he that strong?”

“You don’t know who he really is?”

Lee was surprised. “I know that you’re on pretty good terms with Selena. Shouldn’t you have some knowledge about the circumstances surrounding Jack White?”

“Not really. I’ve seen him fight before, but he was only facing off against a few dozen bodyguards. I know that he’s pretty strong, but no way that he killed all 300 of your men all by himself!”

Michael still felt that it was impossible. He looked straight at Lee. “Maybe you’ve got the wrong guy? The man who killed your people from the Eagle Clan, at least had the strength of a marshal or a King of War. And Jack is probably just a head commander!”

“No way. We’ve verified our sources. It’s definitely him!”

Lee was extremely adamant. “Jack is a funny little character. I suspected that he was a King of War who was hiding his true strength and keeping a low profile. But once he’s provoked, the consequences are unimaginable.”

At this moment, David nodded his head after he thought about the subject. “Jack is very strong. I was also curious why so many people respect him even though he was just an assistant commander. And many war veterans had turned up for Old Man Taylor’s birthday party!”

“Dad, if Jack truly turns out to be a King of War, it doesn’t matter if he’s only a one-star King of War—he’ll be extremely difficult to beat! What do we do? Don’t tell me that I have no hope of taking revenge?”

Michael twisted his features into a grimace, clearly unhappy with the news.

“Don’t worry. The Wilsons cannot beat him alone. But we have our brothers from the Eagle Clan with us. Isn’t that right?”

David chuckled. “Master Neuman said it himself just now, that he came over to negotiate an agreement between us. You won’t let him go just like that, won’t you, knowing that he murdered your men?”


Lee gave a wan smile. “Just get some of your best men ready and wait for our orders. We’ll get in contact then and set out to kill Jack. We’ll arrange everything else!”

“But I don’t feel assured even if we combine the forces from our two families. In fact, I feel like we’ll suffer many casualties! If we lose too many of our men, our position and power will drop significantly!”

David felt unsure of the plan after he thought about it for a while.

“Don’t worry about it, Master Wilson. Jack is a certified assh*le. He even offended the Green Sky Hall. Soon enough, we’ll have the Green Sky Hall by our side as well!”

Lee flashed a mysterious smile and said, “But you’ll have to wait patiently for our arrangements!”

“No problem. It’s a done deal then!”

David extended his hand. The two men shook hands, faces beaming triumphantly.

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