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Chapter 710

“That–that’s great!”

Michael heaved an internal sigh of relief when he heard that.

“Master, the Eagle Clan is here to pay you a visit!”

Right at this moment, a bodyguard ran in and reported, “The master of the Eagle Clan is here, along with his fighters!”

David and Michael exchanged a glance. They were confused.

“F*ck. What does the Eagle Clan want from us? Organizations that operate in the day like us have never had anything to do with Halls like theirs!”

David frowned. The Eagle Clan could not be easily provoked. They were far stronger than a second-class aristocratic family like his. Their sudden appearance at his doorstep made him anxious.

“Dad, don’t tell me that one of our men offended the Eagle Clan so they’re here to see us now? It’ll be troublesome if that happens. It won’t be easy to deal with them!”

Michael was worried as well.

David looked at the bodyguard. “Tell me, were they extremely angry when they arrived?” he asked.

The bodyguard shook his head. “No. They were all very calm. They said that they’re here to propose a deal to you!”

“Alright. Bring them in!” David loosened a breath when he heard that. Then he waved his hand.

“Looks like they’re not here for trouble!” David told his son after the bodyguard left.

After a while, Lee and the others came in.

Lee raised his hands in a fist-to-palm salute toward David after he sat down. “Master Wilson, long time no see. I heard that the Wilson family has been doing well lately. So admirable!”

David managed a wan smile and returned the salute. “Oh, we’re not that great. We’re just getting by. We have no way to match up to a first-class aristocratic family!”

“From the looks of it, your family is drawing closer and closer to the title of a first-class aristocratic family!”

Lee flashed a polite smile and looked at Michael. “Young–Young Master Wilson, your face hasn’t recovered completely yet? Tsk. What a shame. I heard that Ivan from the Taylor family was the one who beat you up?”

When he heard this, Michael replied immediately in a huff. “It was Ivan’s doing, but the person I’m most frustrated at is that son-in-law of the Taylor family. My face wouldn’t be in this state if he didn’t think of that method to punish me. I’m mad at Ivan, but I’m most angry at Jack…”

Here, Michael ground his jaw and clenched his fists. “If I ever get the chance, I’ll make sure that Jack is flayed and tortured to death!”

“All right. That’s the spirit!”

Lee instantly stood up as he saw Michael’s temper flaring. He clapped his hands as he spoke, “You’re a true man, Young Master Wilson. You have the aura of someone who isn’t afraid of anything. Men should be like that. To bless when they have received blessings, and to take revenge when they have been wronged!”

Delight sprang in Michael’s heart at the other man’s praise. “But of course, don’t judge me just because I’m fat. I’m a grown man as well!” he said, chuckling.

Yet David, who was watching all this from the side, could not bear to watch on any longer. “Master Neuman, just get straight to the point,” he said simply, tone blunt. “The Wilson family hardly associates with your Eagle Clan on a normal basis. What business are you here for today?”

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