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Chapter 706

“Judging from the strength needed to kill that many men, it’s almost certain that he’s a King of War. And we’ve been deciphering his modus operandi over and over, and all our men died by a clean break to the neck. It’s definitely done by a single person. Doesn’t seem like anyone else helped!”

Lee’s expression darkened. “Because of this, we suffered heavy losses and our position dropped a lot. Two of our territories had been snatched away by other Halls!”

When Hector heard this, his features twisted into an unreadable expression. “Master Neuman, don’t tell me you want to get my help to take your territories back? They probably aren’t worth much if they’re just small areas, right? Besides, this is a matter of the Eagle Clan. What does it have to do with Green Sky Hall?”

Lee laughed aloud. “We won’t trouble you for this. I’ve managed to recruit quite a few fighters lately. One of them is even stronger than Baldy when he first started out. That’s why we’ve already managed to take our small territories back!”

“Then you just came over to complain to me?”

Hector frowned. He did not think that Lee would come over for something as menial as that.

“We’ve been trying to find the murderer of Baldy and the others for some time now. Finally, we’ve got our man. It’s a 99% guarantee that it’s that person!”

Anger sparked in Lee’s eyes as he spoke. That man had killed 300 of their men, including a top fighter. This thought sent his mind into panic every time.

“Tell me then. Eastfield only has a handful of Kings of War. It should be easy enough to weed him out if you investigate properly.”

Hector spoke slowly after he thought about it, “But let’s say that he’s a high-ranking King of War and that he earned his position through his fists. It would be difficult for you to get revenge then!”

“You’ve seen him before!” Lee revealed, smiling bitterly.

“I’ve seen him before?”

Hector frowned. “No way. I’ve not spoken to any marshals or Kings of War lately,” he said, surprised. “And they think of themselves as the protectors of Daxia. They’re righteous warriors. We would have nothing common to talk about in a conversation!”

“Mmhmm. He came to see you just two days ago. If my guess isn’t wrong, he even fought with your men!” Lee answered, giving a wan smile.

“Jack White!” Hector and the fighters around him immediately cried out.

“That’s right. It’s the adopted son-in-law of the Taylor family!”

Lee spoke in a confident tone, “I conducted a little investigation and found out that my subordinate had offended a good buddy of his, named Tiger. Tiger is a delivery boy, someone unassuming. But he actually killed 300 of my men to avenge his friend!”

Here, Lee paused for a while before continuing leisurely, “And according to what I know, your men had also offended Tiger and his wife a while ago. And so that punk came looking for you! I believe that he fought with your people!”

The corners of Hector’s mouth twitched slightly. It took a while before he replied in a frank tone, “That punk didn’t come to us just because of that. There was something else as well!”

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