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Chapter 695

“You…you got your pay?” Fiona heard and immediately, her eyes sparkled. This was Jack’s first month’s salary and that would be twenty million.

However, her face sank immediately. She said, “So what if you have gotten your salary. The money hasn’t been with you for long and you might be losing it!”

“Mother, don’t jinx it. You have to believe in what the ladies are capable of!”

Selena was just a bystander but she had started to feel nervous. However, she chose to believe in Jack and support his decision.

“Motherf****r, let me have a go at it!” Another bodyguard stepped out from Mister Gold’s pack of bodyguards.

“Orchid, let me do it!” Another adorable looking lady, part of the Taylor family bodyguards walked in front and got ready to spar with him.

“Little miss, you look so cute. I wonder how long you’d cry for after getting punched by me.” taunted the bodyguard as he saw the lady.

Truth be told, the adorable looking lady did indeed give off a very innocent and harmless look. It was not surprising to see that others could not take her seriously.

“Nero, stop fooling around. Max lost because he underestimated them.”

Kelly reminded Nero instantly. He could not afford to lose this round-it would be too embarrassing! If he lost two rounds consecutively, it would really prove that his bodyguards are not capable.

“Don’t worry, I will have no mercy.”

Nero laughed nonchalantly and rushed toward her. He moved at lightning speed and appeared in front of the lady. He raised his fist and threw a punch at her.

Kelly saw this masterful display and looked really satisfied. He thought, ‘The lady would not even have the time to make a move! She would be scared to death at his speed. This time, we will win!’

The attack did not perturb the lady at all. She reacted fast.

Their fists met and a loud sound exploded. The force was strong and the lady stepped back to stabilize her posture.

Comparing both their strengths and sizes, it was obvious that Nero was at a disadvantage.

“No way, don’t tell me Nero won’t be able to win?”

“Yeah, this lady looks like she’s skin and bones. How would she possess such strength?”

The Gold family bodyguards looked dumbfounded.

If the first bodyguard lost, that could be accepted as an accident. However, if the mistake were to repeat itself twice, it would not be passable as an accident anymore. They would just have to accept the obvious fact that these beautiful ladies were in fact, pretty capable.

Nero felt embarrassed for being thrown backward. He rushed for her and yelled, “I will kill you!”

“Feeling angry?”

The lady felt the murderous vibes coming from her opponent. Her brows furrowed and her eyes started to glisten, feeling the same fury in her heart, ready to defeat her opponent.

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