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Chapter 669

Once the thug who had his eyes fixated on Tanya finished his speech, he stretched forth his hand again, trying to stroke her cheek.

“F*ck off!” Tanya slapped his hand away, with a look full of disgust plastered on her face.

This was the piercing voice that Jack heard a while ago. He entered the restaurant, his face icy-cold.

“You’re some hot-tempered chick, aren’t you? How dare you hit me! Do you know how much you need to compensate for slapping my hand? I was going to ask nicely if you’d agree to hang out with us, but since you hit me, you have no choice but to come with us today. Oh well. Of course, you can choose between hanging out with us or paying me one million dollars for the medical expenses!”

The man sneered. Since Tanya had hit his hand, he decided to threaten her.

“One million dollars is like a peanut to me, it means nothing! But for some jerk like you, dream on!”

Tanya shot up from her seat and leaped forward slightly, trying to push the thug away.

“F*cking b*tch! I’m trying to play nice with you, but you don’t seem to appreciate it, huh?”

This man was not easy-going as well. He pushed her back, hard.


The man had obviously trained before, his physical strength was not a joke. How could a young miss from a wealthy family like Tanya be able to take in such a push?

Tanya stumbled, losing her balance before she slipped and fell backward.

As she was falling, she felt so frightened! She was wearing a short skirt today and her clothes were white! The words ‘embarrassment’ and ‘shame’ flashed in her mind.

A strong arm appeared from behind her and wrapped around her waist. The owner of the arm caught her in time, and Tanya hung diagonally in his grip, mid-air.

The moment Tanya was caught mid-fall, she struggled to release herself from his grip. However, when she noticed that it was Jack who caught her, she heaved a deep sigh of relief.

Was this not a scene similar to the ones in soap operas?

Before this, she had always found shows like that too ridiculous and silly. How could the male lead always appear on time during critical moments? The male lead would wrap his arm around the waist of the female lead before exchanging glances affectionately.

But as she found herself caught in this exact scene, Tanya was frozen, as still as a statue. She could scarcely believe the scene before her eyes. Her heart hammered in her chest and almost leaped out of her throat. Suddenly, she was reminded of the night when Jack accidentally kissed her lips twice. Her rosy cheeks turn redder.

However, there was a difference between soap operas and the reality she was living in—Jack did not even look at her, much less in an affectionate way. After catching her from the fall, he immediately helped her up.

“Miss Tanya, are you alright? Did he scare you? I’m truly sorry. I just wanted to make a call. I didn’t expect the arrival of several wolves!” Jack spoke with a warm smile on his face as he helped Tanya up.

“Wow! Isn’t somebody trying to play superhero?”

The thug who shoved Tanya had a wolf head tattooed on his chest. He ripped his shirt open a little bit wider to show off the tattoo before saying aggressively, “You’re right about me being a wolf! I’m not just a wolf, but a wild one who has tasted blood before! Did you know that?”

“Look at this!”

The other three thugs glanced at each other before they, too, pulled their shirts open to reveal the same wolf-head tattoo on their chests.

“It’s just a tattoo. How’s that frightening?”

Jack let out a frosty laugh after taking a look at their chests as if he was watching a clown show.

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