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Chapter 642

“So scary, I am never going back too, really regret doing it!”

It was not clear if Sharon was really scared or if she was still pretending, but her body was even more tightly glued to Jack. Jack felt too embarrassed to even look at her.

“Wow, am I to believe it? Three ladies hugging one guy?”

“Heavens, I am so jealous! They are all clinging on him so tightly, and they all have really beautiful bodies. My god, that man is truly so lucky!”

“How I wish that was me. How did I not think of bringing a few beautiful ladies to the haunted house? Oh wait, I think I don’t know any beautiful ladies!”

The crowd surrounding them started to comment as they observed the group.

“My God, isn’t that woman the second young lady of the Drake family? Wow, she is hugging that man so tightly…”

“Hey, that woman looks like Yvonne Drake. Isn’t the other one Sharon George? Gosh, what a sight! I am so jealous!” A man recognized the three ladies and exclaimed in excitement.

Click! A few female onlookers had taken out their mobile devices to stealthily take photographs of the group. If these photos were to be circulated, that would really go viral. After all, it was a rare sight to see three ladies of the most distinguished families of Eastfield clinging on to a man.

“Ahem, we’re clear!”

Jack looked really awkward now that there were so many onlookers surrounding them. He felt that crawling back into the haunted house would have been a better choice.

The three women opened their eyes and saw how the onlookers were judging and perceiving them. They consciously shook themselves loose of Jack, their faces turning into a shade as red as a tomato.

“Told you guys not to do it, that was so scary!”

Tanya looked at Jack with embarrassment. “Oh God,” she thought. She couldn’t believe that she was holding Jack’s hand-to innocent bystanders, that really made their relationship seem suspicious.

“Yeah, that was really so scary!” Sharon felt scared but really excited too. She didn’t think she would have the luck to be in such close proximity with Jack.

“How unlucky of me, I was taken advantage of!” thought Jack.

The four of them prepared to leave. Jack was driving past a public bus station. Suddenly, he noticed something and remarked “No, that cannot be!”

“My God! Isn’t that you in the advertisement? Wow, are you that meticulous that you want to put up advertisements at a bus station!” Yvonne smiled bitterly.

“What can I do? I just wanted to make my wife happy!” Jack felt funny on the inside. The advertiser must have been the idiot Ivan Taylor who wanted to portray him as a joke and wanted to see him die on Selena’s birthday. Too bad for them, their plans were foiled.

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