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Chapter 638

”are you afraid now? Other useless families might be afraid of your Drake family but the people from the Kingston Hall are not afraid of you!” The man started laughing loudly when he saw Tanya’s darkened face.

“Is the Kingston Hall strong? Stronger than your family?” Jack frowned and had a serious expression.

He knew clearly that Tanya was a fearless person and constantly loved to create a sensation for others. He had never seen her, afraid.

However, Tanya was afraid of what was going on today. This made him feel weird.

Was it possible that these hidden powers were stronger than the Drake family?

Tanya looked at Jack and explained softly, “This Kingston Hall has a huge number of followers and is considered as one of the more notable powers in this Eastfield. Apart from that, they have quite a large amount of good martial artists. Their power can fight against that of our Drake family. If we really start a fight with them, we do not have the grasp as to who will win!”

Yvonne also immediately nodded and said, “Actually this is not the most important part. The most crucial point is that we’ve got a mutual understanding with these powers in the dark. They develop theirs and we develop ours. It’s fine as long as nothing happens.” Yvonne paused here before continuing. “Of course, it’s nothing if it’s just small friction. However, if this matter escalates, there will only be negative results for us. Even if they don’t go all out and have a big fight with us, our power will also be weakened by then.”

Tanya smiled bitterly and said, “Yes, if our Drake family is weakened, the title of Eastfield’s number one family would need to go to somebody else.

Jack understood something after he heard them. It seems that the Drake family was not afraid of them, they did not dare to fight them and their ability was almost the same. If this was the case, how could they fight?

However, he might not be afraid even though the Drake family was afraid.

Without considering how to get rid of the Kingston Hall, whatever these people did could not be let go so easily.

Right now, the other party was very arrogant and everybody was looking. The effect of this on the people was very huge.

“So, let’s just drop this matter here and let us leave, alright?” The man did not dare continue instigating Tanya, he only wanted to leave quickly with the guy who pretended to be blind.

“do you have other photos? How’s it possible that the ones I destroyed are the only ones that you took? What about those that you took previously?” Jack smiled and asked.

“Young man, don’t go too overboard. You’re just a bodyguard. What good will provoking a power like Kingston Hall bring you?” The man stared at Jack angrily and threatened him.

“I’m just a bodyguard but I’m also a man. I can just be involved in whatever I don’t like whenever I want!” Jack shrugged his shoulders as if he did not care. “I heard that there are many small groups under a big organization. You shouldn’t be from the Kingston Hall, right? You are only from some small groups under their control, right?”

The gaze in the guy’s eyes looked unstable when he heard what Jack said. Jack had obviously said the right thing.

He said after looking at the people beside him. “Young man, don’t say whatever you want. Although we’re from the Green Sky Hall under the Kingston Hall control, we are not people you can provoke!”

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