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Chapter 632

“What do you mean by ‘scheme’? Do you know who it is?” asked Tanya right that instant.

After all, Tanya’s grandfather had told her to help Jack with everything she got. This person had an important identity. She felt like Jack was getting more and more elusive. It was this mysterious feeling that made her want to know him more. She believed that as long as she proactively involved herself with Jack, she would then know his true identity.

Judging from Jack’s response to this flyer, it seemed as though this publicity was done as a deliberate attack against him. Still, she had no idea how such publicity could be considered as an attack.

“I don’t know who it is, but I have my suspicion. Nevermind, let’s go! it’s time to go in and enjoy ourselves!” Jack smiled indifferently and walked toward the amusement park’s entrance.

Tanya frowned as she looked at Jack’s figure.

She could see that Jack had made his guesses but did not want to say anything.

“Stir the entire city?” After mulling it over, Tanya soon realized that ‘stir the entire city’ here meant that the more the event was marketed, the more extravagant the event had to be.

This meant that he had to spend more money. If Jack only wanted to spend around ten to twenty million, that would not stir the city. Not even a hundred million could achieve that.

“Wouldn’t Jack lose face if this advertisement was marketed too heavily? These people wanted Jack to lose his face and unable to bear the cost of such a grand event so they could make fun of him! This person is a low-life, alright. They rather spend money to help Jack market the party so that Jack would lose face!”

A cold smirk appeared on Tanya’s face when she came to that revelation. The other party might not know this, but the Drake family had been thinking of ways to get into Jack’s good books. It did not matter if it was ten billion or a hundred billion; they would take any amount and help Jack as though that amount was nothing to her family.

Tanya knew Jack must have thought of this, too. She ran up to Jack, catching up to him, and assured, “Don’t stress over it, Jack. It’s a good thing that other people helped you with the advertisement part. They helped cut costs!”

“That’s right!” Jack smiled, not wanting to say anything else.

At this moment, Sharon had already bought four tickets and gave one to each person.


“Who’s that guy?” said one random park-goer. “F*ck, I envy him… He has three beautiful ladies around him,” he muttered.

The other people immediately looked over and were also very envious when they saw what he saw. “Hey, all three of them are beauties! One of them not only has a nice figure, but her eyes look so enchanting too. I wonder what these women taste like.”

“Don’t even think about it. These women looked like they come from rich families, so it’s only natural that this man is just as rich. Otherwise, why would these women go out with him? Normal people like us can only look!” One of them smiled bitterly. He looked at Tanya’s long legs and under her short skirt, and he gulped wantonly.

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