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Chapter 624

Several cars drove toward Sky City the following day.

Sky City was quite far away from Eastfield; it took them two to three hours to even get there by car.

Neil, Ken and the others eventually reached the outskirts of Sky City around twelve at noon.

Sky City was indeed two to three times bigger than Eastfield. Many powerful yet rather extreme people were in this city, thus Neil and the others made sure to be at their best behavior as they walked into this foreign city.

They first found a restaurant and had a simple meal before they started asking around about where the Xenos family was at.

“What? There are two Xenos families here? One is huge and the other is powerless?” Ken was startled at the information given by a passerby they were asking.

The passerby smiled bitterly. “Yes, Sir. There used to be two Xenos families here, but there’s only one left now. Someone had wiped out the bigger Xenos family, and their properties were then sold at a very low price. This person had just left. I think he’s heading for Eastfield!”

“Could Young Master Quil have come from this wiped-out Xenos family?” Ken gulped; he could not believe what he had just heard. This seemed too coincidental. They had just reached this place, yet they were faced with the fact that the Xenos family had been eliminated while their properties were sold at a low price.

“Yes. You guys know Quil?” The passerby was surprised. “Their family was really powerful, but they’ve crossed someone they shouldn’t have. Sigh! What a terrible fate!” The passerby paused here before he continued, “Nonetheless, this person had morals. He only killed the important figures and martial artists in the Xenos family, but most of the workers, children, and old people were released.”

“Young Master Clark, what’s going on? How can the Xenos family be wiped out when they’re so powerful? Apart from that, this person had already returned to Eastfield!”

Neil was speechless, and he took a deep breath after mulling it over. “Goodness me… Could it be that Goddess of War, Lana Zechs wiped out the Xenos family?”

Ken felt that this was highly possible. “Could Jack have speculated that the Xenos family would avenge their fallen young master and, because of that, sought for the Goddess of War’s help to end their family? He might’ve done this to avoid future trouble.”

Neil nodded. “This seems possible. Despite having returned the favor to Jack before, Jack had in fact saved the Goddess of War. Had Jack begged for her help, the Goddess of War won’t have the heart to turn him down.”

Ken was extremely angry. “F*ck! Jack truly is too cunning and prognostic. How could he have foreseen this? He doesn’t have any true strength, relying only on others to do his dirty deed! Doesn’t he feel that troubling the Goddess of War and wasting her precious time is a very shameless thing? He’s too much!”

“Why would he want his dignity if he wants to stay alive?” Neil sighed inwardly. It seemed as though their plan to end Jack’s life much earlier than anticipated, had failed.

“Sirs, what are the both of you talking about? What about the Goddess of War? What about Quil?”

The passerby was stunned. “Do you think the Goddess of War is here? How’s that possible? The person who took out the Xenos family was a very strong middle-aged man!”

“Man?!” Neil and Ken instantly looked at each other. What was this? Was it not Lana?

“Yes, a man. I heard that he’s a very powerful King of War, but I’ve forgotten his name. I wonder how the Xenos family offended a King of War!” came the passerby’s reply.

“King of War?” Neil and Ken were baffled even more. This was getting out of hand.

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