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Chapter 614

Xena hid under the blanket. She did not dare make a sound because she believed that when Ben and the others barged into the room, they did not manage to see her. Therefore, they could have just been throwing some guesses to lure her out. As long as Ivan kept denying it, there would still be hope for her to stay hidden.

Ivan saw the fist that was coming right at his face but this time, he was well prepared. He swayed slightly to the left, just enough to avoid the blow, and then he shot his right knee upwards, striking Ben’s abdomen.

Ben’s abdomen was struck by Ivan’s powerful kick. He plopped onto the ground.

“Ridiculous! How would you know if it was Xena? Don’t simply make assumptions!”

Ivan swallowed down his nervousness and kept it in check, making sure the three did not pick up anything strange from him. “I got this woman from a nightclub! What fiancée? Stop spewing nonsense!” He retorted in a pretentious yet calm tone.

“Ah! I’ll fight you to death!”

Ben shot up from the ground and charged toward Ivan, again.

Nonetheless, Ben was sent flying backward with another kick. He plummeted to the ground, again. Ben was not on par with Ivan.

“You’re indeed useless trash! Do you think I’m as weak as you? I’ve had bodyguards since I was young. Of course, I’ve learned and practiced a few moves! And you? Your pathetic brain is only filled with games! Yet, you still dream about beating me?”

Ivan emitted a wicked chuckle, brazenness and arrogance covered his face as if he was the ruler of the earth.

“Hmmm. Ivan Taylor, did you just forget my existence?”

Jack put on a cold smile. Ivan gave the poison to Xena, and if he could not kill Ivan, at least he would give him a good and unforgettable lesson!

“Jack, you, stop right there! I didn’t even sleep with your woman, why are you being nosy? Besides, the things between men and women are out of their own will. I didn’t force her to sleep with me!”

When Ivan saw that Jack was about to approach him, he unconsciously stumbled back to the corner of the room, gulping fearfully. Even though he knew a bit of fighting, he could only, at best, beat someone like Ben Taylor. Fighting with Jack? It would be like an ant trying to pick on an elephant—no chance.

“Can’t do. He’s my beloved wife’s brother, after all. You beat my dear brother-in-law, it would only be fair if I beat you up to avenge him, right?”

The corners of Jack’s mouth curled upwards, showing a disdainful smile. He walked slowly towards Ivan, painfully slow.

At this time, Ben had got up on his feet as well. He wiped off the blood near his nose and shot Ivan a hateful stare.

Jack glanced over to Ben and said, “Ben, didn’t you promise us before? If the woman under the blanket was Xena, you’d end her life yourself, right? You said that as long as I found evidence for you, you’d send her to hell. Don’t you forget our deal!” Jack paused for a moment and continued, “So, I won’t do anything to Xena. You should be the one to do it!”

Ben’s teeth were gritted firmly as he looked at the shivering figure hiding under the blanket. He strode belligerently to the bed and pulled the blanket sheet away forcefully.


Xena, who was hiding under the blanket sheet, trembled at the thought of knowing Jack was here as well. Her hope to stay hidden and alive was ripped away completely when she knew that Jack was here and that Ben was going to kill her. Her heart hammered in her chest and her body shook with fear.

She could not figure out how Jack and the others discovered where she was and that she was secretly seeing Ivan. She deliberately took extra precautions when she went out today! She even kept an eye on the surroundings when she got out of her car in the hotel’s parking lot. No one and no car was following her, not to mention Jack and the others!

“Ben Taylor, what are you doing! F*cking pervert! I haven’t put on my clothes yet!”

Xena stretched out her arms immediately to grab her clothes.

As for Jack, he did not even bother to look at them. Instead, he walked up to Ivan and threw him a powerful kick, a kick that sent Ivan flying backward.

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