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Chapter 607

Jack distributed the freshly barbecued wings to everyone. After a while, he stood up. “Take your time eating it. I’m going to the toilet.”

After he ducked into a cubicle, he whipped out a silver needle and pricked his skin on several acupuncture points.

At that moment, he vomited all the poison in his stomach.

Jack flashed a cold smile after he kept the silver needle away. “This poison isn’t a bad idea at all, but it’s shallow of her to try to kill me with this!”

He walked out nonchalantly.

At around one in the afternoon, everyone packed up and drove home.

Xena retreated to her room to rest once they arrived home. Meanwhile, Jack took Selena out for a stroll through the small patch of forest outside their villa.

“What on earth happened to Xena? She hated your guts before, and now she’s treating you like a god. Never mind her buying water for you—she even opened the cap for you!”

Selena was still unhappy when she thought about what had happened earlier.

“Selena, she’s not being nice to me. She poisoned that bottle of water!”

Yet, Jack gave her a frosty smile. “If I hadn’t promised you that I’d remain discreet just so we can weed out the man she’s seeing, I would’ve killed her on the spot!”

“What?!” Selena was shocked. “That–that bottle was poisoned? No way. Didn’t she just buy it?”

Jack smiled again. “She did, but she dropped the poison in before giving it to me. She even pretended to open the cap for me because she was afraid I’d realize the cap had been opened before!”

“My god. No way. I really thought she had turned over a new leaf just because you saved her and that she wanted to establish a good relationship with you. Who knew the witch would dare to poison you!”

Selena was extremely angry. “God. You’re such an idiot, dear,” she quickly added, frightened. “Why did you drink that water, then? And you drank almost all of it!”

“Don’t worry. Your husband is a miracle doctor. I’ve solved this little problem a long time ago!”

Jack chuckled and spoke, “The poison will probably take about a month to manifest if you don’t treat it, but since I’ve treated it, it won’t be a problem.”

“I’m so mad! I’m going to kill that b*tch!”

The more Selena thought about it, the angrier she became. Xena was really rotten to the core. Fortunately, Jack was a doctor and sensed that something was off soon enough to cure himself of the poison. What would happen if it happened to a regular joe? Was she really going to resign herself to the fate of a widow?

However, she only took two steps before Jack dragged her back. “What are you doing? You’re going to alert her if you do this. Besides, what proof do you have now? If you go, she might just turn the tables on us and knock you down senseless instead, and she’ll frame us both. Your brother and your mother won’t believe you. They’ll definitely think you’re still against her!”

“But I just get so frustrated when I think about it!”

Selena was so angry that she stomped her foot against the ground.

“Don’t worry. I’m going to use her own trick against her. She thinks that I drank that poison so naturally, she’d want to report the entire situation to her man. I believe someone is manipulating her actions from behind the scenes because no ordinary person can procure that poison so easily!”

Jack smiled. He was well aware that the poison Xena had fed him was probably the same poison Ken and Neil had intended to give Fiona, which would have been fed to him eventually.

That was why he surmised that the man behind Xena’s back was probably Ken Clark or Neil Hugo. They knew that she was someone who would do anything for money, and that was probably why they had instructed her to administer the poison on him.

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