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Chapter 594

“Bodyguards?” When Fiona heard this, her expression sank. She glared at Jack angrily, huffing and puffing. “Jack, are you going for a beauty pageant? What kind of bodyguards are these? They all look like flowers and jewels, how can they be bodyguards?”

Jack was speechless. He did not know how to explain himself and could only smile bitterly. “Mother, I asked my friend to help me find a bodyguard. I didn’t express a preference for males or females, and I didn’t expect that he’d choose an all-female bodyguard squad for me!”

Upon hearing this, Elaine felt unjustified. Personally, she was afraid that Jack would get rid of them.

She gave it some thought and went forward to express her sentiments. “What’s wrong with women? You shouldn’t look down on women. We’re all female heroes who’ve brought glory to the country. If the country trusts us to defend her, what makes you think we can’t defend you?”

As soon as she finished speaking, she couldn’t resist stealing a glance at Jack. “If you weren’t so handsome, we wouldn’t have come!”

Elaine was not just referring to Jack’s natural good looks, she was also referring to his presence and aura.

Fiona got so angry when she heard Elaine’s little outburst. “Look here, their comments are all about how handsome you are. These women are just decorative vases!” She continued, “All of you, leave. We don’t need decorative vases in our home as bodyguards. What use is it to have all of you here? I don’t have a good impression of Jack’s friend. He must’ve known we’re rich so that’s why he recommended all these women to Jack!”

Jack was embarrassed to hear Fiona’s unsophisticated comments. He thought to himself, ‘How terrible it was of Fiona when Sharon George came. She didn’t make these comments just because she knew how rich her family was. Just because these women’s backgrounds are probably incomparable to Sharon George’s, how can she judge these women before getting to know their capabilities and kick them to the curb?’

When Elaine heard that she was about to be driven away, she was a little worried. It was already hard for them to get to this point, what more getting the opportunity to see the face of the Supreme Warrior. If she kicked to the curb, she would be so disappointed. To make matters worse, she would probably be ridiculed when she went back.

Stepping in swiftly, she quipped, “Who says we’re not good at what we do? If that was true, how can we even be bodyguards? How can we defend the national security of our beloved country?”

Orchid heard this and immediately stepped forward to hold Elaine back. She smiled at Jack and said diplomatically. “Master, the truth is, Skylar felt that it would be better to assign your family with female bodyguards to protect your entire family who are primarily females. Your wife, your mother, and your mother-in-law are all women, so he only had their convenience in mind. For example, if we were to go shopping with them, it would attract much less attention than having male bodyguards!”

“Oh, is that the case?” Jack came to his senses. “Actually, it does sound workable!”

He turned to Fiona. “Mother, since they’re all here, let’s just carry on and let them be our bodyguards. The weather is really hot right now, it’s not nice letting them come all this way for nothing!”

Elaine immediately stepped forward. “Yes, yes, yes. Big sister, you look like a classy person. You don’t seem to be the petty type at all. You definitely wouldn’t be too calculative with us, am I right?

“You’re calling me ‘big sister’?”

Fiona heard this and suddenly felt really flattered and happy. She thought that her daily efforts of dolling herself up had paid off. Indeed, she felt that she did not look old. Additionally, if she was not considered beautiful, why would those lowlifes who kidnapped her that afternoon dare to violate her beauty?

The more she thought, she started to feel as if she had eaten a spoonful of the sweetest honey. She smiled and said, “Alright, since you little ladies do have some good insight, I won’t drive you away. I’ll give you all a chance!”

Elaine heard this and felt gleeful. She thought, ‘Ah, so this old auntie likes compliments about her youthfulness.’

At the same time, she said, “Really? Big sister, you’ll give us a chance? Do treat us little sisters nicely! We’re not here just because your son-in-law is handsome. We just heard that your family has money and that you can afford to pay us wages of two thousand a month each. We’re all very enticed by this offer, so that’s why we’re here! Plus, we also heard that Miss Selena from your family is the most beautiful girl in the entire province and that when her mother was young, she was also a great beauty herself!”

“Oho, really? Her mother is me!” At this point, Fiona was really happy. She laughed relaxedly, “Actually, you can call me auntie. Although I look young and tender, I’m really not that young!”

Jack observed the entire exchange and was dumbfounded. He thought, ‘How could this be possible?’

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