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Chapter 583

“So fast!” Not only were the people of the Harrison Private Security Company surprised, but the people from the company opposite were also extremely surprised. They had been observing the scene from the entrance.

They started to wonder if it was true that such a strong person came to employ bodyguards? Did someone like him even need a bodyguard?

“No!” The bald man was not ready to fight back. He only felt a daze and Jack was already in front of him. Jack’s punch soon fell on his chest.

The bald man yelled in fear and flew away. After hitting the wall once again, he laid there—dead.

“Old man, do you want to come over and have a taste of this?” Jack did not even look at the bald man. He turned around, looked at the old man, and squinted. “I’m here to give you money but you don’t want it. Now, you’re daring enough to be on a suicide mission!”

The old man gulped. He realized his forehead was covered in a cold sweat. He knew that this person’s true power was too scary. Even if people came from the headquarters, they would not be a worthy opponent.

“Jack!” At this moment, Skyler squeezed through the crowd because he heard noises that sounded like a fight. He immediately called out in surprise when he saw the situation.

Jack slowly turned around and was embarrassed. He had no idea that it was the 8-star King of War Skyler Celestino who almost exposed his identity previously.

“It’s you!” Skyler felt warm when he saw Jack. He immediately walked in with a smile on his face.

“8-star…8-star King of War, Skyler Celestino!” As the head instructor of the Harrison Private Security Company, he knew many strong people in Eastfield. At the very least, he knew who he could offend and who he could not. He screamed in surprise when he recognized who Skyler was, his voice almost a falsetto.

“King of War, you—you know this young brother?” The head instructor gulped, bowed slightly, and walked towards Skyler, extremely respectful.

The other bodyguards were also surprised. They had no idea that the 8-star King of War would come over.

After all, he was an important person in the army.

Jack smiled coldly. When did it change from ‘young guy’ to ‘young brother’?

“Yes. This is Jack, a head commander!” Skyler nodded. He looked at the bodyguards and instructors wailing on the ground. He then saw the dead bald man. “Jack, what happened here? Why was there a fight?”

“These people don’t know how to behave correctly. I originally…” Jack told Skyler what happened in detail.

Skyler nodded. “People like that deserve to die. Nice kill! He doesn’t even know he made a mistake. How dare he ask you to kneel? And apologize and pay them five million? I think your company doesn’t want to exist anymore, correct?”

“King of War, we made a mistake. It all happened because of this bald man. He spoke nonsense and we misunderstood this young man.” The head instructor was extremely frightened. He had no idea that this guy knew the King of War. They seemed to have a good relationship. No wonder he was so strong. This guy was a head commander.

“How about this, King of War? What if we provide this young sir twenty bodyguards for five years?” The head instructor asked tentatively after thinking about it.

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