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Chapter 575

Momentarily stunned, Quil quickly recovered, and a smirk made its way on his face. “Yes, she’s an outsider, but your mother-in-law isn’t, right?”

He shifted the aim from Xena and was about to point it at Fiona—who was by the corner—to get her walking to him.

Jack had anticipated as much. Faster than anyone could blink, he kicked hard once he saw the other party move the gun away. The pebble he kicked zipped through the air and shot into Quil’s hand that held onto the gun.

“Ahh!” Quil felt a wave of extreme pain as though he was hit by a bullet, and his grip on the gun loosened by reflex.

The aim shifted away from Fiona, but as the gun slipped from his hand, he accidentally pulled on the trigger.


A gunshot was heard. The bullet shot Brother Octo in his chest, right through his heart.

“Young Master…” Brother Octo’s head lowered ever so slowly to see the wound; blood was oozing like water. The man then fell backward as he breathed his last, and eventually, his breath left him permanently.

Everything happened so quickly, and in a split second the gun had fallen to the floor

“Aah!” Quil knelt in pain as his grip on Xena loosened.

Meanwhile, Fiona was met with the eyes of lifeless Brother Octo, who collapsed right next to her after the gunshot. Those void eyes, eyes that belonged to a dead man, made her faint.

The gunshot would have hit her; there was not much distance between the two after all.

“Aah!” Xena let out a hair-raising scream, scared witless at what was happening, and she ran to Jack.

“Quickly, run!” Not many bodyguards were left. With their confidence lost due to what had happened, they abandoned Young Master Xenos as they turned to escape.

Alas, Jack showed no mercy as he finished them off with just a few moves. Only Quil, who was still kneeling on the floor, was left alive.

Jack walked over, picked up the gun, and pointed it at Quil’s head with a small smirk.

Quil gritted his teeth as the pain slowly subsided. He looked up and discovered that none of his bodyguards were left alive while Jack had a gun to his head.

“How… How dare you? Jack, I’m telling you now: You better let go of me or you’re done!” Quil’s voice trembled, and it was as though his tongue was frozen. “You know it yourself that Sky City is very big, twice the size of Eastfield. Apart from that, it’s one of the old cities where many masters and powerful people exist.” Quil had no other plan to get away from this apart from threatening Jack. He might just survive with this. “The Xenos family is one of the biggest families among them—”

Before he could finish speaking, Jack pulled the trigger callously.

No matter how audacious Xena was, she was not able to stomach the view of Quil shot in the head. She was so frightened that her eyes rolled to the back of her head and fainted.

Jack then looked at his surroundings, dumbfounded when he saw his mother-in-law and Xena fainted on the ground. ‘Why did these two faint?’

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