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Chapter 558

“Think about it seriously, Ben. Has she been acting weird lately? She didn’t even dare to pick up that call from last night. Do you think it’s a harassing phone call from a property agency? I think there’s something suspicious going on!

“Secondly, she’s been buying quite a few branded bags lately. They must be worth at least ten thousand each, and her clothes are pretty expensive too—and she’s bought quite a few of them. She didn’t do this before.”

Selena took a step forward. “You really want to get married to her, and you’re serious about it,” she told Ben earnestly. “But remember how she mumbled and twisted her words last night when you said you wanted to get married sooner? She didn’t seem the least bit happy to me. I suspect that she has another man outside.”

“I don’t care. I need proof. You two will just be slandering her without it!” Ben was extremely angry. He picked his phone up. “I just bought this phone. It was worth a few thousand dollars!”

“Here’s seven or eight thousand. Go ahead and buy a new phone. But don’t breathe a word about how we suspect her, alright? And you have to cooperate with us when we tell you too! That’s how we’re going to get the evidence!” Jack took out a wad of cash from his wallet and thrust it toward Ben after he thought about it.

“Don’t worry. I believe that you’ll never find proof!” Ben flashed a frosty smile and walked off after taking the money.

“Jeez. Seems like your brother really is head over heels for that woman!” Jack released a sigh, feeling helpless. He really did not expect that Ben would almost punch Selena for Xena’s sake when the former was his own sister.

“I’ve always felt that nothing good could come out of her, but I never had the guts to say it out loud. I kept hinting it toward my brother, but unfortunately, he never took it seriously.” Selena also sighed. “I really hope that we can find out the man that Xena is seeing this time. My brother will have his heart completely broken then. He’s pretty good-looking, and it won’t be hard for him to find a nice girl, considering how our family is now!”

“Mmhmm. We have to weed him out. That woman is really a b*tch. She’s so daring and venomous! And she’s cunning. Your parents are practically eating out of her hand.” Jack nodded his head and checked the time. “Let’s go, dear. It’s getting late. We have to go to work!”

“Okay!” Selena nodded her head. The two quickly got into the car and drove to work.

At that moment, Young Master Wilson was at the Wilson family’s residence. There was an IV drip beside him that was pumping fluids into him. The more he thought about it, the more tortured he felt. He had finally woken up. However, he had to take a lot of antibiotics. Yet his face was still as swollen as a pig’s. It seemed that he would remain this way for a while.

Master Wilson was so furious that he clenched his fists, watching his son’s face streaked with tears. “My son has never suffered like this before. Jack really has got some guts. Did he really think that I won’t dare to retaliate just because he’s good friends with a God of War? I’ll definitely hire a hitman to assassinate him in the future.”

The caretaker beside him nodded his head as well. “You’re right, sir. It’s more reliable to hire an assassin. They can be trusted to keep their mouths shut. The God of War won’t be able to find anything even if they try to investigate Jack’s death. Besides, I hear that he’s only a head commander. We don’t know if he’s lying, but he can’t even show his token, so we can’t believe him. A God of War might not even conduct an investigation for someone the likes of him!”

David bobbed his head. “The Goddess of War doesn’t owe him anything anymore, after all, she’s paid her debt. But we should hire an assassin just to be safe!”

“Then when is a good time to hire one?” The caretaker asked.

“We’ll wait. We’ll see after a few days. Let’s just wait for my son to get better first.”

David looked at his son and walked over to the bedside, pulling a chair and sitting down. He took his son’s hand. “Don’t worry, my son. You won’t have suffered all those slaps for nothing. I’ll make sure that b*stard pays with his life.”

“Dad…” Michael cried again.

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