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Chapter 519

“It’s very good that you can think of it that way. Don’t give up, Miss Sharon; perseverance is victory. Do you understand?”

Fiona had the impression that Sharon would be downright frustrated at what had happened, but she never expected that Sharon would have a unique way of thinking about it. This only made Fiona happy, ever hopeful that Jack could still consider having Miss Sharon as his second wife. They were not as poor as they used to be, but who said one could ever have too much money?

At the same time, Michael slowly approached the young miss as he pretended to clear his throat. “Ahem! Miss Sharon, it’s been a long time since we last met,” he spoke. “We’ve known each other for some time now, but I still don’t have your phone number. Let’s exchange our numbers so we can contact each other, and we’ll get some drinks whenever we’re free!”

Neil caught on quickly and ran over to them in an instant. “Yes, that’s right, Miss Sharon. Let’s exchange numbers, and we can come out for karaoke sessions when we’re free!”

After all, the current Sharon was not the previous fatty. Her figure and her face were nearly a rival to Selena’s. Above all, her family was richer than theirs, and she was only 20 years old. Snagging her would be equivalent to hitting a jackpot.

Nonetheless, the corners of Michael’s mouth twitched when he saw Neil coming over. This bastard Neil was utterly shameless. He had been trying to converse with Miss Sharon for a while before asking for her number. Why was this idiot here, too?!

To their surprise, Sharon’s first reply was a laugh. “Sorry, but I don’t think there’s any need for that!” She replied, not bothering to entertain them. She smiled coldly. “Did you really think I wouldn’t know that you talked crap about me behind my back when I was fat? I also heard that you guys called me ‘Fatty’! Am I wrong?”

Neil and Michael were embarrassed, unable to muster a proper reply for a good few moments.

“No, that never happened!” Neil hastily replied, an awkward smile on his face as he did. “I see that we’re inconveniencing you right now, so we’ll leave you be. However, if you need someone to accompany you for drinks or anything else, you can look for us!”

“Yes, yes, yes… Miss Sharon, let’s chat more when we have time!” Michael piped in, equally embarrassed.

At that moment… “The master of the Young family is here with members of the Young family. They congratulate Old Master Taylor on his seventieth birthday and present…” The Young family, one of the four most prominent families, had arrived.

They had learned that the Goddess of War would be attending Old Master Taylor’s 70th birthday, thus they chose to attend and brought gifts with them.

Zeus had no idea that what Jack had so boldly claimed was genuine. Not only were there assistant commanders and head commanders, but there were quite a number of marshals here too.

Rich businessmen who were not initially present from the start, second-class aristocratic families, and even first-class aristocratic families were all here.

Once he saw the onslaught of people flooding the place, Old Master Taylor mentally wiped his sweat. Fortunately, Jack had prepared an additional 200 tables. Otherwise, there would not be enough seats for so many people.

“The Mont family’s Master is here with…”

“The Roy family’s Master is here with the members of the Roy family. They’re here…”

The two other first-class aristocratic families made their appearance at last, fulfilling the attendance of all Four Major Families.

While the current attendance was quite a feat on its own, what shocked the crowd to its core is when a resounding voice announced,

“Eight-star King of War, Skyler Celestino is here to congratulate Old Master Taylor on his seventieth birthday and presents a gift of eighty million!”

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