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Chapter 516

Ivan Taylor and Ken Clark, who were by their side, were happy when they heard this. Jack did not tell the Taylors to prepare more tables when he knew that the Goddess of War was coming.

However, they had no idea that Jack was still very calm. “You’ll know if she’s a rich lady when she’s here. How should I put this? Nine hundred million is nothing to her, what more ninety million!”

Pausing for a moment, Jack turned to look at Old Master Taylor and added, “I have your gift ready, Grandfather, but it’s not the villa next to this.”

“What?!” Many from the crowd inhaled sharply when they heard this. If it was not that villa, then what was his gift?

Selena, who stood behind Jack, frowned. This man was full of surprises, she could barely keep up with him. So the gift he prepared for her grandfather was not the villa after all?

“Not the villa? Then, this villa is…” Zeus Taylor trailed off.

Turning to look behind him, Jack pulled Selena closer to him. He then took a key out from his pocket and placed it onto Selena’s palm. “It’s for Selena. The place we’re currently staying in doesn’t have enough space, so I want my family to move over. I originally wanted to surprise Selena with this, but I never thought Ivan would see it first and ruin the surprise…”

Jack lovingly touched Selena’s cheeks. “I’m sorry, Honey. I wanted to wait till dinner ended to tell you this tonight and bring you there to have a look. I had no idea that it’d turn into this, and I have no other way but to tell you the truth a little early.”

Selena was dazed, so much so that her red lips parted. She wondered if she had heard wrongly. All this time, the villa was not the place where Jack and the rich woman were secretly seeing each other; it was his gift to her. She silently thanked herself for not dwelling in the matter or exposed Jack for it. Otherwise, things might have turned badly.

“Jack, did… Did I hear wrongly? You spent over ninety million and won the auction on the opposite villa, just to give it to my daughter? For our whole family to stay there?” Fiona gulped, evidently excited. Initially disappointed at Jack as Fiona believed he was kissing up to a rich woman, she was happy once more at this moment. It seemed that she had really misunderstood Jack.

Jack smiled indifferently. “Don’t worry, Mother. The deed for the villa isn’t here yet, but it belongs to Selena alone. This house was bought for her. Moreover, it isn’t proper for Kylie to be sleeping with us in the same room. After all, Kylie is already four years old!”

“Amazing! That… That house is ours for real?” Kylie clapped her hands excitedly. “That’s so cool! Mommy, we have a new house!” she beamed. “A very, very big house!”

Selena’s nose turned sour. The bitterness she experienced throughout these five tears was finally turned into tears of relief that trickled down her face.

“Mommy, why are you crying?” Kylie frowned when she saw Selena crying, her face evident with worry.

Selena knelt down and patted Kylie’s delicate little head. “Don’t worry, Kylie, Mommy is just happy,” she spoke through tears. “These are happy tears, okay? We’ll be staying in a big, comfortable house soon!”

Jack was overcome with emotions as he gazed at his dear wife kneeling before their daughter. Selena had endured numerous hardships throughout these five years. From now onward, if she was wanted, he would willingly give her the entire world.

“Alright!” Kylie nodded.

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