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Chapter 475

In her effort of lifting the bags, Tiger’s wife found that the bags that were, in fact, heavy. She could not lift them because she only used a little strength.

“Why is it so heavy? They’re brand new. Is there something inside?” The woman’s brows furrowed, expression puzzled.

Realization shook Tiger to the core when he heard this. He leaped to his feet and slapped his own head. “Big Brother had said this: ‘You call me Big Brother, and as your Big Brother, it’s only natural for me to help you out a bit!’”

He rushed over and laid the luggage bags flat on the ground. Tiger opened one. The minute he opened one bag, red-colored notes were practically bursting out from the bag. There were so many that the bag could barely hold everything in!

“Oh my God… That’s a lot of money! I’ve never seen so much money in my entire life!” His wife stared wide-eyed at the luggage bags, overwhelmed with shock.

Tiger opened the other bag. Just like the other bag, wads of red notes filled this one, filling its entirety.

“Big Brother, this… Since when did you become so rich? Why are you giving us so much money?” Tiger sat on the floor, staring at the two bags before him. He was completely stupefied.

“This much money is enough to last us for a lifetime, isn’t it, Tiger? We can buy a house, a car—and we’ll still have so much left!” His wife gulped, only responding after a long pause.

“Mmh. It’s definitely enough. And I was asking why that fellow was acting so strangely, giving us two luggage bags. Turns out everything is cash inside these two bags!

“He must’ve debated against giving me a credit card; he knew I wouldn’t accept it. So that’s why he did this!” Tiger was so moved that he found it hard to form coherent sentences. Jack was being way too generous toward him and his family.

“We won’t have to eat instant noodles for the next few days, right, Dear?” His wife smiled, happiness welling within her.

“No, we don’t. Heck, let’s just quit our jobs tomorrow and go buy a house. We’ll have a proper place to stay when Mom and Dad get out of the hospital. And after we get a house, we’ll get a car. We can even open our own food business!” Tiger said, extremely excited.

Upon leaving Tiger’s residence, Jack drove over to the Drake family’s residence, ready to go to work. Little did he know, however, that a beautiful young woman with bodyguards in tow came to his house.

“Hello there, Uncle, Auntie. Heh. I’m here again!”

Sharon greeted, grinning.

“Miss, you’re…?” Fiona frowned. She did not recall associating with such a rich heiress.

“It’s me. How can you not recognize me so fast? It’s Sharon,” Sharon replied. “Look at me! The pills were so effective. I managed to lose weight successfully!

“And I taught the woman who tried to sabotage me yesterday a good lesson. I’m feeling a lot better now!” Sharon beamed.

“Miss Sharon, is that truly you? My God. Y—You’re so beautiful!” Fiona was stunned.

“I…I’m here to visit all of you.” Sharon’s cheeks flushed red. Then, she added, “And I’m here to ask for Jack’s hand!”

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