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Chapter 458

”Tempest? Do you think that the guy would be so afraid that he won’t come?” More than a dozen people stood in the woods outside the city and a bald man said to Brother Tempest, who was beside him.

Brother Tempest took a look at the time and it was already five minutes past eight. He frowned. “That guy probably isn’t daring enough to come over and might just be duping us.”

Another guy with yellow hair said, “I’m sure that he’s not daring enough to come over. I think this person might be so afraid that he peed in his pants after he knew that Brother Tempest is from the Eagle Clan. It was obvious that he was stalling time when he dared ask Brother Tempest to bring as many people as he liked. He must have left Eastfield by bus this morning!”

“F*cker, I had no idea that this guy is a coward! He asked me to bring as many people as I want! Humph, if that’s the case, I’ll make some inquiries about his brother’s address. I would definitely kill his brother and play his daughter to make him regret!” Brother Tempest humphed and held his hands into fists after he heard this.

At this moment, in an old rented house, Tiger sat there with a frown and a cold look on his face.

The woman beside Tiger looked at him and said, “Tiger, you’re worried about your brother, Jack, right? Sigh, I’m also quite worried. If it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t be able to leave last night.”

“No way! I cannot let him bear everything by himself. If he dies tonight, I will blame myself for the rest of my life. I will never be able to be in peace!” Tiger thought about it before finally standing up and went into the kitchen looking for a kitchen knife.

“Tiger, if you don’t consider me, shouldn’t you consider on behalf of our child? How old is he? What should he do if you die? He would be known as a bastard child, a child that doesn’t have a father!” Tiger’s wife looked at the child who was fast asleep in the baby cot while pulling Tiger’s sleeve.

“Honey, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry! If I die and cannot come back tonight, you can just marry a rich man. Find a richer person so that our child would not suffer like me, his useless father! You’re pretty. I’m sure you can enjoy life after you find a rich man who treats you well!” Tiger turned around with tears in his eyes as he dared not looked into his wife’s eyes.

“Tiger, you’re really willing to leave me and our son? Look at your son, look at how much he looks like you? Tiger, I beg you, don’t go!”

Tears fell from the woman’s eyes as he begged Tiger. “That’s the Eagle Clan. Even if it’s the other party’s vassal force, it’s not something the two of you can settle. You going there is just a suicidal action!”

Tiger closed his eyes and kept silent for some time as his heart hurt.

However, he still pulled his wife’s hand away with all his might and said firmly, “He asked the other party for a fight last night in order to save us. He went on the battlefield and sacrificed a lot for Daxia as he experienced so many life and death situations. I am also a man. I can’t fight for my country but I cannot hide when I know that my big brother might die!”

After he said this, he looked at the child who was sleeping soundly on the bed and continued, “I don’t want to live in regret for the rest of my life. I also don’t want my son to feel that I’m weak. I am a man, I cannot continue being so cowardly!” After he spoke, he directly pushed his wife away and strode out.

“Tiger!” The woman fell on the ground and could not stop sobbing.

“Taxi, I’m going out of the city!” Tiger stopped a taxi with a kitchen knife in his hand. He then gave the other party the 200 dollars he had with him. “I’ll give all of this to you!”

The driver only looked at Tiger in surprise before driving out of the city.

“A car is coming toward us!”

“It seems to be a sports car, Porsche!”

“Yes, it’s red in color!”

At this moment, Brother Tempest and the others in the woods were so angry that they were about to leave.

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