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Chapter 413

The corners of Tanya’s mouth slid upward. Her smile was beautiful and adorable! Since the arrival of the two belles, the customers from the other tables could not help but peep over their side. Some of them felt nothing but envious of Jack, for having the opportunity to drink with two charming women. It would be a great pleasure in life to have two beauties drinking with them! Besides, if the two belles were drunk, Jack might even have the chance to… Just the thought of it made their body cells, scream and soar excitedly!

After a while, the boss brought a huge bowl of crayfish and river snails and ordered two waiters to serve them throughout the night. They brought them nine pints of cold draft beer, too! These beer glasses are no ordinary glasses. They were typically larger and can hold almost two and a half bottles of beer. One would be considered strong if he could finish a pint!

“C’mon, Handsome Jack, you dare to drink with me? I always heard that veterans like you are good and bold drinkers! Is it because of your fit and healthy physique?” Yvonne slowly lifted up her glass of beer and took a gentle sip. “I may not be as skilled as you in fighting, but drinking? I’m afraid that you’re far worse than me!” She teased as she took another sip.

Jack flashed her a dry smile. “No, I don’t want to drink with you. Firstly, I’m not a fan of drinking games. Secondly, I am afraid of getting you drunk! It’s too troublesome. I’m not fond of getting myself into trouble too!”

Yvonne was agitated upon hearing his words. “Are you kidding me? You get me drunk? Me? A legend who won’t budge in the slightest at a thousand glasses of beer? I really don’t know where you get the courage to spew such a comment!” She grunted.

“Yes, yes, yes. You are right. I’m a coward to not want to play the drinking game with you” Jack shook his head helplessly. “I would rather you say that I’m a coward than to compete with you in drinking. What if you get drunk and become a drunken stupor?”

“Impossible! I’m no drunken moron!” Yvonne felt a flicker of irritation, her heart rate increased. Jack was obviously looking down on her, thinking that she could not hold her liquor well. This triggered her eagerness to win the best drinker title.

“No. You have to compete with me today, otherwise, you—you’re a trash! A useless gnat who dares not drink with a woman!”

“What the—“ Jack’s facial expression immediately turned icy-cold at her remark. “Yvonne Drake, this is what you’ve asked for. Don’t regret it when you throw up like a madwoman and become a drunken moron later on!”

“Don’t you worry! I won’t regret my decision!” Yvonne was slightly pleased when she knew that her little trick to spur him had worked. “However, I believe that it will be you who would fall down and cry like a baby in a while!”

“Yvonne, stop it! We brought him with us without other bodyguards. If you make him drunk, who will protect us when we go back? What if we encounter a pervert on our way back? No one will protect us!” Looking at the situation, uneasiness washed over Tanya. She tried to persuade Yvonne with some logical facts.

On the other hand, Jack did not know to laugh or to cry in this situation. It seemed like Tanya did not believe in his alcohol tolerance as well!

“Miss Tanya, if I remember correctly, last time you were there to see me gulping down some liquor, and I seemed to be able to hold my liquor well, am I wrong? But now you think that my alcohol tolerance is worse than Yvonne, a woman?” Jack was baffled as though he could not fathom the logic behind.

“Jack, you haven’t seen her drinking. She really can drink a lot! Anyway, I haven’t seen her drunk before!”

“Think twice! If you get drunk, who’s going to protect us?” Tanya reminded.

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