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Chapter 398

“No, that can’t be. Isn’t she ranked the fifth on the hitman leaderboard in the southwest district? Didn’t she claim she could face a marshal head-on?” After a long while, with his mouth twitching slightly, Neil turned to Ivan and said, “Young Master Taylor, you can’t be kidding, right? If he can’t be killed like this, you’ll have your work cut out for you. It’s more difficult to kill him than reaching the heavens!”

“That’s right, Young Master Taylor. You must be joking. She can even transfigure herself. Under such circumstances, isn’t it a piece of cake to get rid of Jack?” Ken was still baffled.

“maybe if she didn’t transfigure herself or engage in any elaborate killing rituals, she might succeed in killing Jack! Who’d expect that woman to transfigure herself as Selena and kidnap her? Based on her past killing patterns, she must be planning to kill Jack in front of Selena. But something happened in the process. That woman gave the game away and Jack found out about it. As a result, not only did Jack not expose her, but he went along with it and killed her when she was caught unawares. So you tell me, if a hitman was unprepared, isn’t that the same as losing her life?” Ivan sneered and gulped down another glass of red wine that was just filled up. “What rotten luck. F*ck!”

“I…” Neil was at a loss for words. “What kind of hitman is this? She’s too careless to get spotted by Jack. I guess Jack must have launched a sneak attack on her after he found out. Otherwise, he’s not a match for her in a fair fight!”

“That’s right. Jack is simply too lucky. This hitman likes playing tricks and ended up killing herself. If they went head-on against each other, Jack is most definitely not an opponent!” Ken smiled bitterly too. “Take the last time when Jack fought at the arena as an example of his lucky streak. Dennis had beaten O’Neal within an inch of his life when Jack just finished him with one kick. and Here I was thinking that Jack was a tough opponent and strong in combat. He only kicked that person’s neck, but it ended up with the chest and other areas exploding from the impact, and those were the areas hit by Dennis in the first place! Obviously, the opponent’s death was not caused by Jack!” Neil explained helplessly. Although he was unwilling to concede, he did not have a choice. Jack always had good luck.

“Sigh, let’s talk about our next steps!” Ivan sighed, but something occurred to him and he stood up quickly with a slap on his forehead, “Oh yes, I almost forgot, didn’t you give me that drug? let’s figure out a way to let Jack drink it, and our problem will be solved!”

“That’s a bit difficult, right? When we used one hundred million to engage Fiona the last time, it ended up a failure too!” Ken frowned in dejection.

“of course the plan would fail if you got her to do it. Not only is she greedy, but she’s also a coward. Do you understand? There’s one person who can definitely do the job. Furthermore, she’s now my girlfriend!” Ivan chuckled, took out his phone, called Xena, and told her to come over.

After the call, he turned back to the other two, “Most importantly, the two of you must keep this matter a secret. Her identity must not be revealed!”

“Who’s that?” Neil looked confused.

“You’ll find out when she gets here. she’s a beauty too. Tsk, tsk, and she tastes amazing!” Ivan smirked and could not help licking his lips.

After a while, Xena, wearing a sexy dress, came into the private room.

“Here, let me introduce you. This is Young Master Ken Clark, and this is Young Master Neil Hugo!” Ivan stood up and introduced them with all smiles. “And this is my girlfriend, Xena Jackson!”

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