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Chapter 396

“What?” When Fiona heard that, she was caught by surprise and took a deep breath.

She immediately stepped forward and glared at Jack angrily, “Jack, have you gone mad? I told you to find a bodyguard to protect my daughter, but you just found one casually? Do you even know who he is? He’s an officer, and a marshal at that, and you’re asking him to become a bodyguard?”

Having said that, she pulled Jack to stand in front of Dennis, “Hurry up and apologize to Marshal Dennis. Even if you’re fortunate enough to save his life by giving him some medicine, he’s already expressed his gratitude for that. What right do you have to ask him to be your bodyguard?”

Fiona was almost scared to death by Jack. This guy could actually spout such nonsense. Was he not aware of how powerful a marshal was? An officer, a marshal at that, countless people wanted to get into their good books.

However, Fiona did not expect Dennis to smile indifferently, “That’s not a problem, I’ll protect sister-in-law secretly. Of course, if you’re around, then I won’t be needed. I’ll most definitely try my best to protect her when she’s alone to and from work, or when she’s out alone.”

“Agreed, he agreed?” Fiona’s jaw dropped, wondering if she heard wrongly. Jack asked a marshal to protect her daughter, and the other party actually agreed to it. It was a miracle.

“Mother, I wasn’t looking for someone casually. You said to find a bodyguard for Selena. If I’m going to find one, I’ve to find a good one, right? Otherwise, what if the hitman hired by the other side happens to be very skillful? That’s why I thought Marshal Dennis is very suitable!” At this time, Jack grinned at Fiona, as if he was talking about something very trivial.

“Auntie, don’t worry. From now on, I’m going to treat Jack as my brother. And as my brother, my life is his!” Dennis looked at Jack as he said this, his expression serious.

Fiona was overjoyed, but she still asked tentatively, “That’s all fine, but you’re a marshal after all, I’m afraid Jack can’t afford your fees. How much monthly salary are you asking for?”

“you’re too kind. Between us, there’s no need to talk about salary. We’re comrades after all!” Dennis laughed. He was very satisfied to be able to do something for Jack. Moreover, Jack had saved his life before, so he regarded this as repaying his gratitude.

Jack coughed awkwardly. Dennis was being too careless. If he refused to take any salary, would that not be too obvious?

“Oh, I’m not asking for much. Ten or twenty thousand will do!” Dennis quickly caught on and said.

“So little? Isn’t that a disadvantage for you? You’re a marshal!” Fiona was a little embarrassed. Ten to twenty thousand a month for a marshal to be a bodyguard to protect her daughter, and to protect herself and others by the way, it would be too cost-effective.

“I’m idle anyway. Since I don’t have anything else to do, I’ll just treat it as something to pass my time with!” Dennis chuckled.

“Let’s agree on twenty thousand a month then. I’ll transfer the money to you every month!”
After brief consideration, Jack spoke to Dennis and Fiona again, “By the way, since it’s secret protection, it’s best not to discuss this matter openly. If this information leaks out, and if there’s really a hitman, the other party will be prepared for it or have a backup plan. It would be troublesome if the opponent engages any attack or defense strategies against us!”

In fact, Jack mainly said this to Fiona, in case she went out and bragged about the fact a marshal was employed as their bodyguard.

“Sure, sure, I won’t say anything!” Fiona nodded immediately.

“Except for the few of us here, don’t even tell Clifford or the other about this!” Selena looked around and said.

“Don’t worry. I understand. I won’t say anything!”

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