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Chapter 392

Ivan was pissed. He would not have thought that Cecilia would tease him without any respect given. What a brat!

“Can’t you take a joke?” He glared at her.

“Is it? You’re the young Master of the Taylor family. Such a prestigious identity… How could you joke about such a thing? I humbly advise you to not make such a joke next time,” Cecilia mocked.

She was dating a young master from a second-class aristocratic family. Soon, she could marry him and be a rich madam. By then, Ivan would be a piece of cake, and she would not have to work under him anymore. She was euphoric at the thought of this. Ivan, on the other hand, wanted to punch Cecilia!

Suddenly, Old Master spoke, “I say, you guys watch your mouth before we secure the contract.” He paused for a bit before continuing, “Selena is someone who’ll honor her words. She won’t just chicken out. There must be a valid reason why she didn’t make it.”

Speaking of the devil, Ivan’s phone rang. It was Selena.

“Selena Taylor, what is the meaning of this? I’ve waited for you the whole afternoon. Where were you? You didn’t answer a single phone call!”

Ivan knew exactly what happened, all this rage was just for show. He had turned on the speaker so everyone could hear Selena explain. He was betting if Selena was calling him to interrogate if he hired the hitman to kill Jack. Even better, perhaps Jack was already dead. Could Shadow have only killed her target, Jack, and not Selena?

‘So, Selena, are you going to ask me if I’ve hired a hitman or what?’ Ivan thought.

What proceeded was… “I ran into a hitman this morning. She kidnapped me so I wasn’t able to answer nor return your calls…”

“Oh my god, kidnapped?!”

“No way… Who is that?! We’re considerably respectable being a third-class aristocratic family, I bet no ordinary people would do such a thing to us.”

“Hitman? How could she still be alive after being kidnapped? Are you sure they’re not asking for money?”

Those in Taylor’s mansion gasped and were shocked by the news.

Old Master Taylor waited no more before he snatched the phone. “How are you, Selena? Are you hurt?”

On the other end of the call, Selena felt warm as she could feel the concern from the tone of Old Master’s voice. “I’m fine, Grandpa, don’t worry. That hitman’s target is Jack. She knows Transfiguration and she had disguised herself as me! But Jack could see it through, he didn’t fall for her tricks and even killed her! I was surprised!” Selena summarized her experience and explained.

“That’s good, that’s good!” The old master broke out in cold sweat. The fact that she was a hitman was bad enough, what was worse was that she knew Transfiguration! Well, who would have suspected the person they least suspected to be?

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