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Chapter 380

Although she was a hitman, Selena was reassured that Jack was pretty skilled himself too. So, she was somewhat confident in Jack. Jack might be the person who kills the hitman instead of the other way round. However, Shadow’s words had concerned her. She was very skillful if she could beat a marshal. If that was the case, Jack would be in big trouble. On top of that, the hitman had disguised herself as Selena. What if Jack fell for that? Big trouble… It was easy to kill Jack if he was not alert enough. As though a fight between one who had normal vision and a blind person, the blind would naturally be at disadvantage.

“Are you scared now? Are you worried now?” Shadow toyed a dagger and tapped it on Selena’s face. “Do you know why I love disguising as my target’s partner? I like to see the look on their face when they die, that look of disbelief!”

With that, Shadow turned around and laughed. “Until the moment they die, they would still think that it was their partner who killed them. I’ll never explain myself and I’ll never tell them why. They shall die confused.”

“You’re mad! Karma will get to you!” Selena’s eyes reddened as she stared at Shadow with hatred.

“to reassure you, I’ll leave you here as you watch me finish your man outside. Yell with all your might but you won’t be able to. You’ll live in misery forever after he dies. I’d love to see that! Personally, I think killing is a ritual to practice. And all these are part of the ritual!” Malice filled Shadow’s eyes, life was as unimportant as an ant.

“I dare you to not disguise as me to fight my husband! For you to disguise as me is just a dirty trick because you’re no match for him!” Selena growled.

She was truly worried for Jack. What would happen to her and Kylie if he dies? They had only recently reunited and were living a better life. To watch Jack die in front of her was the last thing she would ever wish for.

“You’re trying to provoke me, aren’t you? Will he stand a better chance like that? Just very slightly, I guess. Heh, you’re not just an empty vase, after all, you’ve got brains!” Shadow smirked then continued, “Speaking of which, I really like your face. It’s perfect. It looks kind and approachable. I love it! How about this, I’ll use your face for my missions next time. Let’s see how many people can take it when this ‘face’ kills. Any family members who witnessed the murder would recognize you as the murderer. Will they come after you? I wonder…”

“You…” Selena almost fainted out of anger, but she still tried. “I dare you to not make up! You’re an ugly fag, aren’t you? You’re so ugly you wouldn’t go out without a mask!”

Shadow was impatient at this point. “Quit it, I didn’t, do you understand? How can make up do such a job? This is Transfiguration. Do you know Transfiguration? Uncultured b*tch!”

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