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Chapter 378

“Son, you’ve done well this time!” Theodore grinned as he gave Ivan, a big thumbs up. He was not a business-minded person and would spend his free time enjoying tea or fishing.

However, he had hope for his son to be successful. This time, Ivan had finally made him proud.

“dad, it can’t be helped. It’s all for our Taylor family. It’s so that we can rise into the ranks of a second-class aristocratic family. This is something I’m willing to do even if I have to endure torturous hardships!”Ivan, being drunk, thumped his chest smugly. The arrogance he showed went without saying.

Zeus, on the other hand, could bear with it no longer. He steeled his face and asked, “Why not give your life as well?” Having said that, he gave a wave. “It’s getting late. Go get rested. Ivan, you should rest up too. Go sign the contract early in the morning. It’s only official after you sign the contract. Don’t be an embarrassment like the last time!”

“Don’t you worry, everything will be fine. I’ll guarantee to sign this contract tomorrow morning, or I’ll live stream myself eating sh*t for all of you to watch!” Ivan thumped his chest as he promised. This time, he had full confidence. After all, Selena had always kept her word. Since she had agreed to it, she would not go back on her words.

Moreover, the failed contract with the Wilson family previously was an accident. Since the old master sent them off, they quickly went away. Meanwhile, the old master should have gone back to sleep. Very soon, only Ivan and Theodore were left in the huge living room.

“Dad, it’s weird. Shouldn’t Grandpa be elated about this matter? Why do I feel that he seemed unhappy?” Ivan frowned, finally noticing something was off. He felt confused.

Theodore considered for a moment before saying, “I think it might be too late and he’s sleepy. Moreover, you reek of alcohol and behaved so insolently. Can your grandpa be happy? The last time you thoroughly embarrassed yourself and vomited all over the floor in the hotel really upset your grandpa!”

Having said that, Theodore paused for a moment before advising, “You should cut back on the alcohol. Being drunk can get you in trouble. Don’t you know that?”

“Alright dad, I understand. You should go rest up! I’m going to bed!” Ivan replied impatiently before going off.

The next day, Selena went to work early in the morning.

However, just as she parked and got out of her car outside her office, she felt a knock on her head. Her vision blurred and then passed out. The woman before her smiled dryly, then placed Selena in the co-driver seat before driving away. They quickly left the town and arrived at a dilapidated house atop a mountain not far from the city.

After a while, Selena finally regained consciousness. She opened her eyes and felt her head spin. She took a careful look at the woman in front of her and could not help shaking her head. That was because she saw herself.

“What’s going on? I-I-I can’t be dead, right? Is this my soul?” Selena was flabbergasted. She saw herself looking at her, smiling with her hands crossed before her chest. The smile seemed rather evil.

However, she soon realized that she was tied to a wooden pillar.

“That’s not it. I’m not dead. Who are you?” Selena’s heart skipped a beat. The pain of being tightly bound by ropes on her arm was too real. She was not dreaming, nor did she die. That must be the case.

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