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Chapter 343

Needless to say, Jack’s words displeased Michael.

“Hmph. If you don’t believe it, just take a look at it for yourself once it’s cut open! But I’d advise you to take it back before cracking it open. You’ll at least be less embarrassed that way!” Jack chuckled.

“What a joke. You’re just a soldier. What do you know about this? I’d only dare gamble on this rock after studying it carefully. You’re standing two meters away, looking at it from a distance. How would you know it’s just a rock?” Michael gave a mirthless chuckle. “I think you just despise rich people. You’re spouting nonsense because you want to see me play the fool!”

“That’s right. People these days are so weird. Cursing others just because they can’t stand them having more money!”

“That’s right. How would he know anything about this anyway? They’re worlds apart. How would he know more than a young master of a wealthy family?”

Quite a few of the bystanders began whispering among themselves as they made fun of Jack.

“Young Master Wilson, which section should we cut open first? Should we just cut a small part first, or…?” The owner of the stall called for his two apprentices, and they set the rock upon the cutting machine.

“We’ll cut it open from this side!” Young Master Wilson shot Jack a vicious glare. “I don’t believe that I won’t see a hint of green when it’s cut from this side!” he said to the old man.

“That’s right. This rock is anything but a plain old rock!” The old man glared at Jack as well. “Don’t speak nonsense if you don’t know anything,” he said. “Talking as if you’re very knowledgeable. If you’re that smart, buy one for yourself and prove that you have a good eye!”

Jack glanced over the rocks on the floor. “Not a single one of these rocks from your stall are worth anything,” he said unexpectedly. “I’m not an idiot. Why should I buy them?”

The boss was so frustrated that he almost spat blood. That stupid punk deserved to die! How dare he claim that not a single rock from his stall was worth anything. He was ruining his business and reputation.

“You—” The old man was so furious that he merely shrugged Jack off. “What does a person like you know? Just cut it open. We’ll teach him a lesson or two. I don’t believe that there’ll be nothing once this side is cut!”

“All right, Master!” The two apprentices cut into the rock from one side, splitting it straightaway.

The crowd immediately surged forward. Young Master Wilson, especially, rushed forward impatiently. He took the rock; his expression instantly turned stormy. “No way. There’s not a single hint of jade! I don’t believe it… Cut it open from this side!” the unsatisfied Michael barked.

The two apprentices quickly cut the rock from another side. After it was cut, Michael was rendered speechless; there was nothing on this side either.

“It—It really is plain rock!” a member of the crowd spoke up in surprise, features twisted in shock. This meant that that man’s guess was correct.

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